Un-Un Breaking News: Stacie Laughton Resigns Again

by Steve MacDonald

Convicted Felon and recently elected New Hampshire House Democrat Stacie Marie Laughton has ended the roller-coaster ride since her extensive criminal history was released by the Laconia Sun and resigned…in writing….to the Secretary of State.  (Story went publicshe resigned, un-resigned–sort of, then resigned again.)

So reports the Union leader.

In the same piece (UL Editorial) there is mention of how the Nashua Telegraph editorialized on Wednesday that Laughton should resign for having deceived the voters about something as important as a felony conviction.

I am wondering who at the Nashua Telegraph is planning to resign for never having reported it to those same voters in the first place?

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    THANK GOD!!!!!!! Our short national nightmare is over . . .

    • C. dog e. doG

      Are you kiddin’ me? S/he was a gold mine, a veritable treasure trove for future potshots at the Grand Pooh-bahs, and not so grand pooh-bahs under the gilded dome for the next couple of years. Nothing says duplicitous gesture like bathroom politics on the 3rd floor, now spilling down to the floors below, just like the rest of the §#¡’¡‡ we’ll see flowing down from the ivory tower. Hope Magpie doesn’t get her feet dirty. I’m sure there’s plenty of lackeys to protect her from her own rulings.
      – C. dog flinging it back

      • IWKAGGP

        I’m just glad not to have to see her ugly mug in the papers anymore . . .

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