Blogging at Mitt’s – dispatch from the Mitt rally

by Mike

I and the clan went to the Mitt Romney event tonite – here are some pix!  Three hours since we turned off the highway. Almost two hours in a line which wrapped around the building and back again. Temperature had reached freezing by the time we got to the doors. People still filling up the last few seats. Word from our spies in Columbus, OH suggest Romney due in around 11pm. Kid Rock about to play.

Kid rock kicks BASS! (Don’t mean Charlie)
After a half hour of Kid Rock kicking bass, the strains of Born Free wound down, the band were replaced by secret service agents, and the Romneys made their way to the stage.  In a now familiar style, Mitt first introduced the next first lady of the USA, and she returned the favor.
America Believes in Mitt

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