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About All That Ron Paul Business…

I’m not following the story about the minority faction of Ron Paul delegates to the RNC.  I don’t watch debates or conventions…it’s easier to wait for the highlight reels.  But I see updates on Facebook and email threads on the topic and I have two thoughts.

First, it is obvious that for months the Ron Paul supporters have been plotting to get their guy the nomination anyway, even though he didn’t get enough national delegates to guarantee him a speaking spot.  They have been begging delegates to vote Ron Paul for months. But the problem with Ron Paul is not Ron Paul at all, it is his supporters, and it always has been…which brings me to point two.

With only a few minor tweaks, there is nothing at all wrong with Ron Paul’s political agenda.  Most Republicans or Conservatives would enjoy a Ron Paul Presidency.  So what happened?  The messengers killed the candidate.

Right out of the gate Ron Paul supporters began insulting regular Republicans by openly recruiting (begging?) Democrats to vote in Republican primaries (where possible) to pollute the results in favor of Ron Paul, who they insisted, shared enough policy positions or values with Democrats on enough issues to warrant their support.

There is very little debate with a Ron Paul Supporter.  If you do not grasp the greatness of the Paul Agenda you are an illiterate dupe with the wrong kinds of books on your reading list.  If you object, regardless of your reasons, you are a neo-con stooge or just too stupid to vote.  If you persist you will be insulted, sworn at, or the RP supporter will abandon the debate…because you are not worthy of their time.

Their embrace of the Occupy movement from early on revealed many of them to be ignorant anarchists so willing to embrace any movement that might lift up their candidate that they ignored the prime intent of Occupy…to advance a socialist Democrat supported movement based on intimidation and violence by a minority faction, that empowered the centrally planned government to give them stuff at the expense of others.  Even taking the movement over for more libertarian principals could never wash away the public taint of rape, murder, and the general public nuisance that became the face of Occupy.  Republicans and independents were listening, and this only added to the distance they wanted to put between themselves and Ron Paul’s supporters.

The core of the Ron Paul campaign and the most active proponents in social media, could be irascible intolerant, elitist trolls bathed in a cult of personality as frightening as the one that elevated Obama.  Just as irascible and intolerant as the liberal Democrats who defend Obama no matter what, and continue to do so to this day.  Republicans are not interested in replacing one obsessive intolerant cult of personality with another, particularly after Ron Paul’s campaign courted democrats to pollute Republican Primaries, embraced Occupy, and insulted everyone who wasn’t convinced to ride on their particular beam of Ron Paul radiance.

Accusing supporters of other candidates of being party to conspiracy theories, local, national , or global, to stop their guy,  just makes you all look like a Kooks.

There were a lot of primary candidates.  Only one could win.  Only one did, and yet no one else, regardless of differences, (because Obama has to go) is behaving like a room full of per-schoolers who just lost their snack privileges.

And even now, the messengers continued to kill the message and even future candidates.

Rand Paul has an excellent chance to be President some day and I would enjoy watching the sun rise upon that day, but if this kind of crap keeps up (see below), the messengers will not only have ruined Ron Paul’s’ chances they will have ruined Rand Paul’s as well.

Case in point: Larry Reed. Larry Reed’s Facebook page says that he “works for Ron Paul 2012.”  This is what he posted on a NH TEA Party Facebook Page last night.

Larry Reid  from Ron Paul 2012 tells us to go f**k ourselves
Larry Reid from Ron Paul 2012 tells us to go f**k ourselves

Larry is indicative of a core problem with the movement. He is an intolerant ass, and a cry-baby, so short sighted in his obsession, that he cannot see past today to grasp the long game.  He want’s his goose that lays the golden egg now, and if cannot have it he is going to scream.

As we can see from his remarks, he is screaming, and just for bratty good measure, disowning any responsibility he or his movement might have should Obama win re-election.

“Just wait because Obama is going to do that for you and you made it so.”

I suspect, like many so-called liberty supporters in the Ron Paul movement, that if he votes at all it will be for Gary Johnson. He will do this out of spite, if at all.   And if Obama does win because Johnson siphoned off enough votes to prevent an Obama defeat, he will sit back and smile while Obama dismantles what is left of the country, potentially removing any chance we may ever have at attaining any of the goals he claims to have supported.

F the TEA Party, F liberty and F America.  He will not lift a finger to prevent it, because his candidate did not win

This narrative has appeared repeatedly in social media, and it is a childish cop-out advanced by political brats.  It is like a child breaking a toy they must share so that no one else may benefit from it.  If we cannot have liberty via Ron Paul, then there shall be no liberty at all.  That is what this looks like from the outside.

And much the way they have ruined Ron Paul’s chances, and may have begun to ruin Rand Paul’s, they may be willing to ruin it for everyone and this particular brand of Ron Paul cult worshiper care.

A second Obama presidency could potentially be the end of any return to constitutional rule.  If Romney loses by 1% and Johnson gets 2%, or low opposition turnout to Obama results in an Obama win, theses cultists have already washed their hands of their complicity in the end of America.  But history will still brand the movement as responsible for the decline that follows.

Not all the liberty folks are like this.  In fact I consider several as close friends and confidants who are not like this at all.  But I have suffered the fools for close to 18 months. I will suffer them no more.