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Obama Bin Busted: The Story of “Leading From Behind”, and His Backseat Driver

Obama's Consigliere and Consort, Valerie Jarrett is Revealed as the Ultimate BackSeat Driver in Miniter's New Book

You remember the Osama Bin Laden storyline: Clinton let him slip through his fingers in Sudan, Bush couldn’t pin him down with certainty, But Barack Hussein Obama, Mmm, Mmm, MMMmm, had the courage, the vision, and the decisive executive mind to get the job done!!
Ahem, not so much. Quite aside from the crass nature of his bragging about the victory, it turns out that, as usual, Little Barry was barely voting present without his Mother-in-Law, er, Consort, er, Consigliere, er, advisor, Valerie Jarrett, firmly driving things from the back seat! Indeed, investigative journalist Richard Miniter, set out to explore the leadership and decision-making capabilities of Barack Obama, and discovered that, beneath the Emperor’s New Clothes, there’s basically no “there”, there. Take the Bin Laden Raid, for example…..

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Turns out that Valerie Jarrett is so cautious about letting Little Barry get into hot water, that she alone vetoed the raid in January, February, and March, with the result that Obama’s indecision coupled with Jarrett’s caution drove Panetta and the militiary planners underground to work out the details without all the second-guessing – here’s an excerpt:

When the president consulted with the CIA director or the secretary of defense, he often seemed to be “playing for time”, canceling meetings with senior officials that would require him to make decisions or abruptly walking out midway through conferences with his senior advisors, cabinet secretaries and military officers.
When Obama walked out, he would wander the White House in search of Jarrett. If she had been in the meeting with him, he would signal for her to join him. Her advice and reassurance was critical, as always.

Some of you may have seen my earlier pieces on the apparently doctored situation room photos, where careful study suggests that the only way to get Barry to ‘vote’ present was to insert him into the photos after the fact! The photographic evidence, courtesy of Mara Zebest, is in the articles “Another Fraudian Slip…” and “Obama’s Looking a Little Dog-Eared…”. Weeell, Miniter corroborates our earlier diagnosis with:

Contrary to the later suggestions of some officials, the president did not give this consequential operation his undivided attention. During the few days before the assault on the Bin Laden compound, Obama insisted on traveling to Alabama to console hurricane victims, giving a commencement address at Miami Dade College, and touring the NASA facilities at Cape Canaveral. When a space shuttle launch was canceled, he visited anyway. On Saturday night, just hours before the operation was due to begin, he joked with Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Association annual dinner. Sunday, on the day of the raid, he played golf and complained loudly of having to return to the White House after only nine holes- just as the Navy SEALs’ helicopters lifted off in pursuit of their elusive target.

Commander in Chief? Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Compare that with with true leadership in a high pressure situation by….. Mitt Romney and the Bain executives!