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Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Ailment….[Updated and Bumped]

Jesse Jackson Jr - Moved to Mayo Clinic in MN[Update] Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., who has been on a leave of absence for seven weeks, has now been moved to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, according to Jason Keyser with the Associated Press.  They have added gastrointestinal issues on top of his pre-existing mood disorder. I’m guessing he is not in the mood to say what he knows about his involvement in the attempted sale of Barack Obama’s US Senate seat and the pressure is getting to him.

I wish him the best but as a pawn of Chicago politics I’m not sure if any amount of prayer or well-wishing can protect him from the stress of knowing too much.

My original post on the “progressive” worsening of Mr. Jackson’s condition is on the jump.

July 6 -2012

Being under investigation for alleged involvement in the sale of a US Senate Seat may be a factor in his recent ailment,  but perhaps we should consider something more conspiratorial.   Maybe the Junior Jackson knows too much and is being poisoned to death?

Someone better check Jackson’s belongings for Polonium.   Or even his person, since we don’t have to exhume him to check.

I’m kidding, of course, but it does seem odd that a man who could blow the Obama administration out of the water in exchange for immunity is mysteriously ill and incapacitated.  And given that the Obama Administration would implement a plan like Fast and Furious, then engage in a massive cover-up when hundreds are dead as a result,  just to make a case for infringing on gun rights, what else might they be capable of?