Norovirus Source – Reusable Grocery Bag

Remember when I wrote about LA looking to ban paper and plastic grocery bags?I included this quote…Norovirus found in reusable grocery bag

Coliform bacteria, suggesting raw-meat or uncooked-food contamination, was in half of the bags, and E. coliwas found in 12 percent of the bags.

Running the bags through a washer or cleaning them by hand reduced bacteria levels to almost nothing, the study reported, but nearly all shoppers questioned said they do not regularly, if ever, wash their reusable bags. About a third said they also used their food-shopping bags to haul around non-food items.


Well guess what?

Oregon Norovirus traced to reusable grocery bag…

Oregon investigators have traced an outbreak of norovirus to a reusable grocery bag that members of a Beaverton girls’ soccer team passed around when they shared cookies.

Get used to it.  But don’t worry, the government will eventually have to create another HHS commission to spend fresh millions on “solving this critical health  issue.”
Their solution?  Ban cookies.

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