A Poke In the Democrat's Soft Tissue? - Granite Grok

A Poke In the Democrat’s Soft Tissue?

I’m happy to report that I may be getting under someone’s skin (again).  Not long after making a passing observation about political signs cropping up on the lawns of committed Democrat tax and spenders, a campaign sign vanished from in front of my house.

Yes, dear readers, someone stole a campaign sign from my yard.  Sad.  So very sad.  Don’t they know that this only gives me a reason to talk about this race again?  To ask uncomfortable questions about their motives?

I’d like to know what are they afraid of? Are they so insecure, or is childish the right term, that they have to take out their frustration with their own candidacy on Gary Krupp’s yard sign?

For reference, the only other sign I ever had stolen was lifted by a pair of purple-shirted SEIU stooges from out of state doing door to door canvassing for Barack Obama in 2008.   I am reasonably certain that this sign was also absconded by a union employee.  They are avid collectors of opponents campaign signs.   Or maybe Eliot Laskey was in Merrimack in the past 24 hours?

Don’t worry.   I can probably get a dozen more signs to replace the one that was stolen.  But better than that, I’ve got another post coming Monday that will make them bleed out their beady little sign stealing eyes.