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Running Out of Asterisks – Huntsman Quits

It’s not often you’ll find a story on these hallowed pages which references the NY Times, but thanks to a hat-tip from Stacy, The Other McCain, we have confirmation that Gov Jon Huntsman has bowed to reality and will quit the GOP Presidential race, and will be making an endorsement tomorrow,  Monday,  of fellow moderate, Mitt Romney.
Long referred to as “Governor Asterisk”, Huntsman had trouble gaining traction, either as a moderate, or as a ‘conservative’ (and he tried both). Here in NH, Huntsman’s early attempts to cast himself as a redneck man of the people, and a Harley enthusiast, came over as hopelessly fake, especially after a scheduled ride at Manchester Harley Davidson was abandoned due to light rain. Even after a respectable 3rd place showing in the NH primary last week, the Huntsman campaign limped into SC with little money and very little traction, and soon succumbed to reality.
So now, we are two asterisks down, and one to go: Asterisk 2 (Johnson) quit last month and threatened a third party run, Asterisk 1 (Huntsman) is now quitting, and proposes to bequeath us Mittens as our candidate, meanwhile Asterisk 3 languishes off the radar of the media, but has a better message than either of the others – that would be Gov Buddy Roemer, a great guy with strong principles – you can watch him Here