NH – Where (More) Vote Fraud Really Has Been Around For Years

by Steve MacDonald

Vote Fraud has been prevalent, and hidden from New Hampshire voters, for years.   In fact, I know of a very large binder at a certain office in Concord, filled with evidence of voter fraud.   Evidence like this.

During the 2000 election 19 people claimed residence at #159 Bear Brook Road.  Nineteen people, all living and voting from one address?  Yes, all 19 registered to vote in New Hampshire, all from the same address.  As it turns out, none of them were actual New Hampshire residents.  In fact, there was no #159 Bear Brook road.  There was no #159 Bear Brook Road because there was no Bear Brook road.

The mandatory voter list purge that followed the 2000 elections produced 19 returned voter list letters, with 19 names of registered ‘NH’ voters, all for the same non-existent address, registered to vote in the November 2000 elections. They were all long gone by the time the letters were returned, votes cast and counted eight months before.  No charges were ever brought.  No one was ever tracked down.  Not by the NH AG at least.

Local activists, the real grass roots in NH, have been tracking and cataloging voter fraud for more than a decade.  They’ve done the hard work of compiling, reporting, and exposing these kinds of people when the state and the AG have shown no interest.  Some of those vote stealers have been in touch.  Apparently their names have turned up on Google, attached to accusations of vote fraud, falsifying  addresses on registration documents, that kind of thing.  I guess that can make it hard to get hired in certain professional circles when there are documents with your name on them attached to accusations of vote fraud.  Of course they do not all have to use real names.  They can just borrow them from dead people

And stealing 19 votes in some of these small towns is more than enough to steal a local election.   It is enough in plenty of larger towns and cities as well.  In many cases, one vote is one too many.  So vote fraud matters.

And this story is neither new nor unknown to the people responsible for protecting the integrity of the NH Ballot.  And it has only gotten easier since 2000.  The Democrat party’s record on watering down the process is well know locally.  Thanks to recent events it is about to become well known nationally.

And while dead people are not the only ones who get to vote illegally in New Hampshire, for some reason it is only the Veritas folks–none of who actually stole a vote–who are threatened with any kind of legal action.

Those  19 people from out of state who registered at the same non-existent address- they were never charged.  Here are three examples…

Joseph M. Gallagher - No Such address - stole your vote in 2000

Joseph M. Gallagher - No Such address


Meredith J Benson - No such address


voter fraud Deerfield NH - Christine A Kelly - No such address

Christine A Kelly - No such address


Voter Fraud and Vote fraud are not a new problem.  But Democrats, and some Republicans, have treated it like the red-headed step child for long enough.  No more hiding behind misleading statements about the integrity of New Hampshire elections.  Your votes and your elections are being stolen from you, and have been at risk for some time.  Voter ID would eliminate most of the easiest ways to steal your vote.

But Democrats have been against voter ID all along.  They have also made it not just easier to register and vote without proving who you are, they have made it increasingly difficult to challenge same day registrants that might prevent illegal votes, and made tracking fraud after it has happened almost impossible.  This explains why they seem so confident in their claim that there is no voter fraud in NH.  When you have made it almost impossible to stop it, or spot it, how can anyone challenge you on it.

But vote fraud exists.  And it took an extreme act of courage to expose it for all to see.  An act that has Democrats and their fellow travelers scrambling for the rhetoric and crying for justice.  Justice they have never bothered to seek despite plenty of previous examples of how vote fraud can and has been committed in the state of New Hampshire.

But we shouldn’t be charging the folks with Project Veritas, we should be thanking them.

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  • Hillarious….(in a sense) Today’s Union Leader headline: ”
    Voting rules seen needing some tweaks”  yeah, tweaks….but maintain the status quo….

    So the article quotes Bill Gardner, Kathleen Hoetzel from Raymond and Gub’nah Lynch mouthpiece Colin Manning, AARP NH Boss Fred Kocher, Joan Flood Ashwell, election law specialist with the League of Women Voters….Then, on page 9 in another article entitled, “Small percentage of new NH voters didn’t show right ID”  they quote Zandra Rice Hawkins….

    “New Hampshire has a real good process in place for investigating allegations of voter fraud,” said Zandra Rice Hawkins, director of Granite State Progress, a Concord group that bills itself as a “progressive advocacy organization” for local and state issues.“Time and again, we’ve seen there’s no rampant voter fraud,” Hawkins said.“We believe the push behind this issue is some politicians trying to restrict access to voting,” she said. “If they can’t count on your vote, they’d rather you not vote at all.” 

    Wher do you think they stand?  LOL

  • Jenro8003

    If we require an ID to purchase cigarettes and liquor, to drive a car or to do banking…then why the heck don’t we need an ID to vote??? I believe that in order to vote, a US citizen who is of age (18+) should be asked to provide an ID at the voting booth! To not require an ID to vote only allows fraud (multiple voting, voting from another state, or illegal immigrants or non-citizens voting)!  Requiring an ID to vote is just common sense!

    • Jenro8003, You are spot-on in your analysis. But if you are familiar with the “Hegelian Dialectic” this is the philosophy by which liberals make their arguments “sans reductio ad absurdum” 

      Hence, it is their view that the basic purchase of alcohol or cigarettes is not a fundamental right, but a “personal choice,” or, “privileges” The problem is that freedom to travel, associate, speak, read or seek redress are “fundamental” constitutional rights and liberals are now cherry-picking what they view as a privilege versus a fundamental right. 

      So don’t be so surprised when liberals tell you that people can choose (or not) to purchase alcohol, tobacco, porn or plane tickets, as opposed to “not choosing”. The test is to deny some person any one of these choices and see said denial is legally challenged. 

      So sit back and watch how they say voting is a fundamental right and cigarettes and liquor are not….Its all they have to fall back on, despite being so wounded in their thinking. 

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  • Still…giving me heartburn.

    • Yeah, I cannot update my profile right now.

  • Go Zandra!  You know, when 1700 college students admitted to voting illegally in NH, the Democrats solved that problem by making it legal for college students to vote illegally becasue they tend to vote Democrat. 

    And when the left figured out that we might be using same day registration cards to verify residency and track down illegal same day voters, they watered that down becasue…those people were voting Democrat.

    And when poll workers were rightly challenging same day registrants observed at the polls, to ensure they were really residents, (becasue the new rules did nothing to prevent fraud, the Democrats tried to make it impossible to observe people registering and tried to make challenging same day registrants for proof of residency a crime against the observers.

    So now that we have evidence of more fraud I guess Teri Norelli and the minority leadership (that’s the whole left wing caucus becasue you can’t leave anyone out) will have to submit a bill legalizing the transfer of voting rights of the recently deceased to whomever claims them first.  Or how about this.  Whoever you are, just show up and grab a ballot.  Look Ma, no Voter fraud.

    This worked with John Lynch’s drop out numbers, and Obama’s unemployment numbers as well.  Make it impossible to prove there is a problem and tadah!  Problem solved.

  • By the way – These 19 ‘voters’ were Americorps “Volunteers.”  Way to help the cause.

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