A Personal Endorsement for Ron Paul

I live in New Hampshire.  I served as a US Army Field Artillery officer, own my own business, and started the Greater Nashua (NH) Tea Party.  I love my country and will be voting for Congressman Ron Paul in the New Hampshire Republican primary.

America is in deep trouble; fiscally, culturally, and constitutionally.  We took great strides in pulling our nation from the brink of collapse in the 2010 mid-term elections and, as we approach the Presidential election of 2012, are positioned to take the next great step, denying Barack Obama a second dangerous term.

When the primary process started, I took a quick look at the candidates.  Of course, I wanted to choose the most conservative candidate who could win.  Each candidate had a number of positives, and many of them were preaching messages I wanted to hear – smaller, less intrusive Federal government, fiscal sanity, and a return to a culture of personal accountability and individual responsibility.  Which of these candidates, I wondered, really meant what they were saying?  Which one actually had the desire and fortitude to rebuild the economic and personal liberties we have given up over the past fifty years, at the hands of both political parties?

As I do with every important decision, I itemized each candidate’s positions across a set of core issues, for the purposes of a comparison.  I did this hoping to remove the emotional and superficial elements from my thought process.  As it turned out, a number of other liberty-minded New Hampshirites were doing the same, so we decided to work together with the shared mission of creating a much larger “candidate issues matrix” to share with our friends and family.  Admittedly, I was not a Ron Paul supporter when I began working on this matrix.  I had a number of friends who desperately tried to convince me to support him; but I must come to my own conclusions about a candidate, and Ron Paul was not the one.  I had my eye on someone else.

As work on the matrix progressed, I carefully studied each candidate’s current positions, as well as things he (or she) had said or done in the past.  To be honest, I was shocked at the level of hypocrisy and inconsistency many of them portrayed over their careers, and it became clear to me that Ron Paul was different, having been very consistent in his message and beliefs.

Coincidentally, I was also attending a month-long seminar on Banking, Money, and Macroeconomics, organized by a local 9.12 group.  The topics of this seminar included a history of moneythe concept of fractional reserve banking, and an in-depth look at central banking and the Federal Reserve System. Each week, as I attended the classes, I became more aware of the damage the Federal Reserve has done, and will do, to our country.  I learned that the Federal Reserve is not actually part of the Federal government; rather, it is an independent, loosely-accountable entity, forged by a banking cartel in 1913, institutionally tasked by Congress to manage our nation’s monetary policy.  It is a perfect case of the fox guarding the hen house.  I learned how the Federal Reserve, using fractional reserve banking, has encouraged deficit spending, mounting debt, war, and the near-destruction of the dollar, all at the expense of the shrinking American middle class, which is eaten away by the resulting inflation.  I also learned the age-old equation “debt=money” and that, for centuries, central banks around the world have benefited enormously from it.

I discovered that Ron Paul has been issuing warnings about the central banking system for decades, only to be largely ignored – until today.

It was this new understanding of the powerful and destructive nature of unmanaged central banking, coupled with the blatant hypocrisy and opportunism of the other candidates, which convinced me that I must support Congressman Ron Paul, with his consistent messages of following the Constitution, creating a sound US currency, and reducing the size and scope of the Federal government.  Sadly, I fear we may never truly recover from our current situation, until and unless the American people see these issues for what they are, and demand more local and individual control over their lives.  This, above all, is the imminent threat that must be addressed, and I believe that Ron Paul is the only candidate who truly understands it, and means it when he says it.

I support THIS country, the Constitution, fiscal sanity, individual liberties, and Ron Paul for President.

About Tom

New Hampshire resident. Patriot. Proud to live in a state and country with Constitutions like ours. Disgusted how our government ignores them. More so that the average citizen allows it. Determined to correct that.

  • Bob

    Tom, then it is safe to say you support a man who said the White House was in giddy with joy after the World Trade Centers came down because now they had “an excuse” to go back into Iraq.  Sad, very sad.

    • Bob,  read your own post, you said it yourself. They were not giddy with joy because of the towers, they were giddy with joy because they had an excuse to invade Iraq. Only Paul had the balls to speak the truth to millions of people. 

      Or perhaps it was an exxageration and not literally the precise truth, but close to the mark. I remember Bush saying what I consider to be the real reason for the invasion, “He tried to kill my daddy”. Whatever the reason was, it wasn’t WMD.

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