#Woke Grocery Chain Lables Will Helps Racists Support Companies Based on Skin Color - Granite Grok

#Woke Grocery Chain Lables Will Helps Racists Support Companies Based on Skin Color

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I’m sure they thought this was a great idea when they came up with it. No one will be as #Woke as us after adding details on our pricing labels that tell consumers the sex and skin color of the companies owners. The only products exempted from the scheme are white-owned businesses which are the same as labeling them, yes?

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Men are also excluded from Giant’s labeling scheme, which features everything from “women-owned” soups to “LGBT-owned” fruit spreads – basically everything except products from companies that are led by white men. 

“The labels will inform customers about items from companies that are women-, Black-, Asian-, Indian-, Hispanic-, LGBT-, Asian-, Pacific- or veteran-owned,” an announcement explains.


If product, price, and quality don’t matter, but the race of who made it is, you’re a racist. Plain and simple. But nothing is simple, including the complex and convoluted Gaint Foods labeling scheme, which, deliberately or not, clearly labels products made by “white men” or companies owned by them by not labeling them.

Very clever.

So what’s next?

Tracking your purchase based on the race of the companies that own or operate them? The #Wokeistan equivalent of a social credit-system like the one in China?

Will banks cancel your credit card if you don’t buy a racially diverse selection of products? You’re buying too many products made by white men. You’ve been scheduled for mandatory sensitivity and diversity training.

But you weren’t even looking at the labels?  Too bad.

I know, it sounds crazy but is it? All you have to do is look at the world, and you’ll realize it’s not. Not even close.