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If Transatheletes Violate Title IX at the College Level NH’s SB263 Will Too

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The big news yesterday was the Federal Dept. of education ruling that men competing against women (or as women) at Franklin Pierce University violates Title IX. The bigger news that is not yet the news is that if this is true at FPU, New Hampshire has a law that violates Title IX.

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Lead by New Hampshire Democrats, the legislature pushed and passed SB263 in New Hampshire. Governor Sununu, whose family is #woke, signed it into law. I predicted lawsuits because it violates federal law.

Title IX exists to create equal accommodation for biological girls in sports.

Allowing biological men to compete with them takes away the accommodation. They are born with advantages that no amount of wordsmithing, compassion, chemistry, surgery, (or well-meaning laws) can change.

Weaponizing gender to create a class of individuals who might then vote for you does not change that. Women in professional and collegiate sports know this but, with few exceptions, are terrified to say it out loud.

Truth gets you canceled in the new America.

A similar effect takes place at every level of athletics and politics. Parents whose capable daughters find themselves losing to B-team boys who claim to be girls need to be prepared for the fallout from the Gaystapo’s division of Transradicals.

For the record, and for the trillionth time, adults who think they are a man or a woman or a penguin or a flavor in between have at it.

Forcing this thinking upon children (and acting on it chemically or surgically) is child abuse.

Compelling others’ speech or silencing their dissent should they disagree with your ‘ism’ violates the first amendment.

And allowing boys/men to compete as girls/women denies the latter the very thing Title IX was crafted to create. Equal access to the opportunities a commitment to athletics can provide. Scholarships (a better education) and careers (in or out of sports).

The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Education recognized that B-team track athlete Craig Telfer was a superstar as a women’s athlete because no matter what he or anyone else claims, he has the body of a man.

After signing SB268, the Governor said,


“I have listened carefully to those who have expressed concerns regarding the impact of this bill and potential unintended consequences,” Sununu said. “My team will work closely with the Human Rights Commission and Department of Justice to monitor the bill’s implementation and bring forward proposed changes in the future should adjustments prove necessary.”


To which I added, “My team will work closely with the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Justice? That may be the scariest thing I’ve ever heard said in this state. A Commission exercising viewpoint discrimination based on partisan ideology coordinating with the department charged with enforcing laws?”

Scary indeed. A declaration of non-discrimination is not universal if the State’s lawyers and activists can tweak the meaning on a spectrum based on how they feel about it. But that is where we are, thanks to Critical Theory Post-Modernist Marxist stormtroopers and soft-shelled Republicans.

Another word for that for of rule, by the way, is a monarchy, and the last time I checked, we didn’t live under one, even in the age of COVID19.

This means that NH has created a discrimination problem, that is not limited to Franklin Pierce University. And it is only a matter of time until the lawsuits I predicted start piling up at the DoJ’s door.