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Find the Best Real Estate Agents in Your Area Using UpNest

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In a country where there are 2 million licensed real estate agents, it is only imaginable the struggle of finding one whom you want to work with. At times, regardless of the highest recommendations and experience, an agent might not be the right choice for you.

UpNest solves this problem, giving you access to the pool of top agents in your locality, along with their track records to make an informed decision. It’s a marketplace, where you can choose the right local agent based on their performance data and customer reviews. Since its launch, UpNest has helped save its customers over 30 million dollars in commission rates on real estate.

The service currently has a database of over 17,000 agents all over the country. A majority of these realtors have more than eight years of experience and have ranked in the top 5% in their local regions.

The process is simple and efficient, completed through the following steps.

  • Register your account on UpNest and enter your preferences.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive proposals from agents who can meet your requirements.
  • You can conduct interviews and compare the agents based on qualifications, experience, history, and fees.
  • You can also review the rates and other fees to the agent involved upfront
  • Choose the agent who will help you sell or buy your house

UpNest offers a more accessible and better alternative to your hunt for real estate agents. Not only is it time-saving, but also a much efficient way that can help you save thousands of dollars in commission rates.


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