Iranian Protesters - “The Enemy is RIGHT HERE, They LIE & Say it is the US” - Granite Grok

Iranian Protesters – “The Enemy is RIGHT HERE, They LIE & Say it is the US”

Protests in Iran

Have the TDS Media and Democrats walked into every trap Donald Trump has set? I think they’ve walked into more traps they have set themselves, with Iran being the latest. Donald Trump just has to do the right thing, and Democrats will do the wrong thing.

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Iran is a brutal regime. They finance murder around the globe. They mistreat women, gays, and religious minorities. And they have an expansionist vision to conquer and subdue not just the Middle East but the West You can see why Democrats like them so much. Their aims are similar.

Sadly, for the American left, Iranians are not as supportive of their captors.

While Democrats and the media continue to play the Trump is a reckless idiot game, the people of Iran are telling a different story. They appreciate the words of support and a desire to see them free from the tyranny that has plagued them for thirty years.

President Trump’s message is layered.

First, you will not kill our people with impunity. You attack us, we punish you. What that looks like will depend on the act. If you were looking for a war, surprise, we don’t need to start one.  We can do plenty of damage without firing a shot.

Second, unlike the wimpy previous president, we are prepared to support your people in their desire for new leadership. We’re not going to march in and make it happen; we’re going to back them up and let them work it out.

Third, acts of violence against Iranians will not be tolerated. My guess is more sanctions and pressure on other nations to join the US in resolving this issue once and for all by refusing to support this violent regime. 

What we are seeing is unprecedented. Iran is crying out. “The enemy is RIGHT HERE, they LIE & say it is the US.” It is a message that has to be sending shockwaves through our allies and our enemies. These people may not yearn to be free as we grasp the concept, but they yearn for more freedom knowing some of them will have to die for that to happen.

And while they are still protesting in the streets…

Democrats are trying to spin this to make Trump look bad so they can flip a few votes. It’s working, just in a direction opposite of what they intended.

Like I always say, with the left politics always comes before people. That includes people who vote Democrat, by the way. Just dare to publicly cross the hard-left party line if you doubt me.

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