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NYC Complains About Menu Prices After Minimum Wage Hits 15.00/Hour (Coming Soon to NH?)


We’ve been reporting periodically on New York Cities Fright for Fifteen. That’s the by-product of the fight for fifteen. An arbitrary Left-Wing wage hike that prices low-skilled labor our of jobs, employers out of business, and customers out of restaurants. The Big Crapple just hit the magic numbers (15.00/hour) and guess what?

People are upset about menu price increases in restaurants all over the city.

The result of the Fight for 15 movement in New York City has finally gone into effect. The minimum wage jumped by 15% in many cases, to $15 per hour this month. This mostly affects employers of lower skill level workers, particularly in the food service and beverage industries. And now that labor costs have risen, restaurants from fast food joints to upper-end fine dining establishments have raised their prices.

Not for nothing but we’ve been talking about these side effects for years. And not to be outdone, New Hampshire Democrats are anxious to repeat the failures in the Granite State.

HB178 would start with a mandatory 10.00/hour minimum wage. ALmost no one in the state makes that now so it’s not going to do much more than set the table for a more destructive move later. We’ll call it the teaser introduction rate. 

New Hampshire has no minimum wage. It follows Federal wage guidelines for minimum hourly pay. And as noted here repeatedly, state averages are much higher. Only a fraction of the workforce makes anything near the federal wage, and most of them are children.

HB178 is the good cop wage bill.

Here’s the Bad Cop Bill

HB186 is a bit more convoluted. It sets a new minimum wage of 8.50. In a few years, this rises to 12.00. It then becomes a union contract arrangement with mandatory adjustments pegged to inflation. A mandated cost of doing business, regardless of skill level, and no one will ever have to vote for it ever again -except to try and repeal it.

And guess what happens to anyone who suggests that? 

HB186 is the Bad Cop Bill.

And they are both garbage. No one in Concord should be deciding how much an hour of anything is worth. Certainly not labor.

And we’ve ample proof from places like Seattle and New York City. The result is more unemployment, fewer hours, fewer benefits, and too often businesses close altogether, leaving employees out of work. The very employees the Democrats claim they are trying to help. Which we have to assume is their real goal. People without jobs quickly become dependents of the state trapped in subsistence lifestyles. A veritable trove to farm lifelong Democrat voters. 

Seattle and San Francisco have become the homeless capitals of the Nation. And while irresponsible wage hikes by out-of-touch politicians are not the only reason it is part of the problem.

A problem New Hampshire doesn’t have. In fact, we’ve got the strongest economy in the northeast.  A growing workforce. And increased tax revenue after lowering taxes.

Don’t worry. New Hampshire Democrats are poised to mess with that too.