Blogline of the Day: “Trump will say anything, but Democrats will do anything”


The Democrats open and obvious effort to destroy (then) Judge Kavanaugh is having a profound effect on people on both sides. But it is on the right side that things have changed dramatically. Nathan Blake, a Never Trumper (sort of) at The Federalist, has seen the Democrats for who they truly are thanks to the Kavanaugh hearings and the media’s reporting. 

I now support Trump because the Democratic Party and its media allies are controlled by people who view conservatives not as political opponents to be voted down, but as enemies to be personally destroyed.

Trump will say anything, but Democrats will do anything.

My only question is, what took you so long?

No, not the first part but the second. The ‘Democrats will do anything’ clause. 

Two Words. Sarah Palin.

I’ve only been blogging for ten years, but it has been clear to me that destroying people has been a feature of the Left since at least the Clinton Administration but it didn’t begin there. And it won’t end with Kavanaugh, certainly not should they find a path back into power.

For the record, I was not a Trump guy before the convention either. I did ride the Trump bus to CPAC way back when. I met Mr. Trump in the Lobby when he arrived to give his speech. But I didn’t listen to the speech.

I was a Ted Cruz guy. But I was not at any point a Never Trumper. And I realized that Mr. Trump was the only guy who was going to keep Hillary out of the White House. I am convinced that no one else would have done it. 

Trump has made it his mission to expose the Democrats and their propaganda media day in and day out to be proven correct again and again, not just during the Kavanaugh hearings.

It has long been my practice, thank you Ed Naile, to never talk to the media. They are not my friends or allies and with few and rare exceptions are not looking to elevate the things I believe. Quite the opposite.

To quote Dan Bongino, this is a street fight. The left is not nor have they ever fought fair. They have a vast earned media advantage. They can be, say, and do stupid things because they have air cover. Except when the air cover over-advertises their stupidity because the media thinks it will help their cause.

The destruction of Brett Kavanaugh is the most recent and obvious example of this. And proof positive that the President who will say anything, at least about the media, is right.

They and their media allies smeared a universally respected judge with an impeccable record as a serial sexual predator on evidence that would not have justified an indictment. They repeatedly lied and hid evidence in order to create delay (e.g., Christine Blasey Ford’s supposed fear of flying).

In the end, the evidence against Kavanaugh consisted only of the dubious testimony of a woman who could not recall basic details like a time or a place, whose story changed repeatedly, and whose witnesses remembered nothing of what she claimed. But Democrats did their best to forever brand him as a sexual predator anyway. They did not want a serious, confidential investigation; they wanted to publicly grind him into the dirt while the mob howled for his head.

The goal, as we’ve already discussed, was to get him to drop out. Give up. Walk away. To do what Republicans had become famous for doing for decades. Demuring. What changed?


Mr. Trump knows it is a street fight and it always has been. If you are not prepared to treat it like one you are going to lose. Talking smack. Low blows. It’s the way the Left has been playing for years we just finally elected someone who is not just willing but able to fight back.

And now he needs a little back-up.

He needs Republicans in the majority to finish the work he started. You need them there to keep the Democrats from thinking it’s okay to do anything to destroy a political opponent, any perceivied barrier to power, because yes, they will come for you if it suits them and for fewer reasons than you’d beleive.