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NY gun control organization takes out bogus ad about ‘Constitutional Carry’


Yesterday there was a full page ad in New Hampshire’s Union Leader, paid for by New York gun control organization Everytown for Gun Safety. The gun safety part is emphasized because these people aren’t for gun safety at all, they are for gun bans and gun control. This is an organization run by New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who has armed security for his own family yet works to take away the rights of the “regular people” from protecting their families. Bloomberg uses a few women from New Hampshire who claim to be for “human rights” to push an out-of-state man’s will on Granite Staters to take rights away from all people in the state, especially women.

Of course the ad contains falsehoods, the bogus numbers they use on a survey of all people to keep the current laws in place to begin with. What they don’t tell you is that when they survey people, they don’t bother to mention the current laws that already exist. Gun control organizations never tell the actual truth because if they did they would have to admit they were wrong. They simply want to continue infringing upon the fundamental human right to self defense, a right that is protected by both the New Hampshire Constitution and the United States constitution.

A real survey that asked honest questions of Granite Staters was conducted in 2015 by the grassroots organization Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire and it found that a majority agree the current law should not exist since it does allows the state to abuse citizens. From the poll:

  • When registered voters were told why the current pistol license law was set up –  “to bar union member Irish and Italian immigrants and their families from possessing a concealed firearm” and that the law still allowed police to use their own judgement for suitability based on this law, over 71% opposed allowing this to continue.
  • Registered voters also believe women in emergency situations shouldn’t have to wait 14 days to get their pistol license and they also don’t agree that the current pistol license law does anything to stop criminals from carrying concealed.
  • Finally, a super majority of registered voters doesn’t believe that money from a few wealthy out-of-state people should be influencing gun control measures in New Hampshire.
  • In conclusion, it appears that registered voters from across the state and across party lines all agree by an overwhelming majority that Granite Staters should not only have the right to defend themselves with a firearm but they shouldn’t be subject to the current pistol license law due to their overwhelming agreement that local police shouldn’t decide who is “suitable.”

It’s clear that when New Hampshire residents are told the truth about laws that hurt them, they aren’t exactly happy with those laws. Unfortunately, Bloomberg’s group doesn’t have the truth on their side, they never have and they never will. Also notice that a super majority of Granite Staters don’t like an out-of-state gun control billionaire interfering with their 2nd Amendment rights.

On top of that, the New York-style gun control organization appears to imply that all New Hampshire Chiefs of Police are against repealing the abusive pistol/revolver license. This is completely untrue. The New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police is a member organization that is for gun confiscation and gun control. They humiliated themselves during previous hearings at the State House with their egregious claims. This is an organization that fought against open carry in Texas (along with the schizophrenics of Moms Demand) yet praised open carry in New Hampshire.

The people of New Hampshire spoke loud and clear when they elected Governor Sununu and Republican-controlled senate, house and executive council. After two years of Democrat Maggie Hassan vetoing the will of the people, the people fought back and elected a governor who said he would sign the “Constitutional Carry” bill if it came to his desk. Granite Staters could have voted for another gun control hack, they chose not to.

Why does an out-of-state gun control organization care about what happens in New Hampshire? They aren’t grassroots, they can’t even get more than a few people from New Hampshire to show up at hearings (they ship them over from Vermont or up from Massachusetts) and even then the numbers are small. They hired 11 lobbyists in the state because they do not have the grassroots to make a difference. Yes, you read that correctly, Everytown has 11 lobbyists working for them in the state, including Moms Demand women who pretend they are grassroots.

Every hearing held for the same legislation to end the abuse of New Hampshire citizens by the government has overwhelmingly been attending by supporters of the legislation, actual Granite Staters fighting for their rights. Somehow, the out-of-state Everytown believes they can swoop in, spend thousands of dollars and the New Hampshire Legislature is suddenly going to turn stupid. The full house will be voting on Senate Bill 12 this coming Thursday, it’ll be interesting to see which representatives put forth amendments written by out-of-state organizations against their own constituents.

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