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Minimum Wage? (Fixed Video)

The Gruberette’s in the Democrat party are constantly pushing a minimum wage increase which ill serves those they claim to care about (That’s the Grubering part), while advantaging unions from whom they reap so much politically.  So they lie outright and by exclusion.

Government wage fixing harms low income workers while often driving up union wages which increase dues to union bosses.  This makes sense only if you are a Democrat who rakes in large sums of campaign money from unions and there are few if any Democrat politicians who do not.

So, when you need some help battling the Gruberette’s in the Democrat ‘whinery’ you can either search ‘Minimum Wage’ here at GraniteGrok, or just watch this video.

(Fixed Video) Doh!

NH Doing just fine without those Meddling Grubers