NH .223 Day of Resistance - Opening Ceremonies - Granite Grok

NH .223 Day of Resistance – Opening Ceremonies

Today was the .223 Day of Resistance Rally day all over the nation – and NH was no exception.  GraniteGrok attended the rally held on the steps of the NH State House in Concord NH.  Even on a grey, dark day with intermiteant spitting snow (thankfully, the snow held off almost until the end of the rally), approximately 400 attendees stood on the stairs of the State House and filled the plaza in front.  Many had rifles (the majority being the “make Progressive soil themselves” semi-automatic AR-15 style

Sidenote: we all know they realize that the label of “military style” or ‘assault weapon” is a crock; simply a political term for what really is: a partisan ideological attack by Progressives in yet another partisan hack attack on that which keeps them from attaining their goal, which can only be achieved by making the US and NH Constitutions irrelvent by either demonizing it, demonizing those that actually believe in it, or using every political trick in their black bag to do end runs around it.

modern sporting rifles – most of the rest had pistols strapped to their hips or thighs (semiautomatics – you know, that 100 year old technology?).  Vocal to be sure – they also know what they believe and if politicians believe they can end run around them with smooth words and delicate phrases, well, someone may be a tad surprised a bit further down the road.

Two clips: Susan Olsen, the event organizer (and Grokster!) welcoming the crowd and NH State Representative Jane Cormier (R-Alton (and whom GraniteGrok endorsed for State Rep in both the Primary and General Elections) and world class Opera singer) sang the National Anthem as well as giving a few remarks:


Susan Olsen                                                                    NH State Rep Jane Cormier