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As usual, this week’s broadcast version of GraniteGrok and AnkleBitingPundits brings an array of items and guests for your consideration– ALL STARTING AT 9AM! As always, thanks to the technical wizardry and analytical skills of Skip, if you are beyond the broadcast area of Newstalk 1490 WEMJ, simply click here for instructions on how to connect and listen on the Internet via livestream. (Podcasts here)

  • Seeking the Republican nomination for the 2nd Congressional District seat currently held by Democrat Paul Hodes, Jim Steiner, is one of the group of four worthy candidates from which voters will have to choose in the September primary. He joins us in studio to discuss his campaign and why he is the best person to recapture the seat for the GOP. We’ll most likely cover some of the points raised in his answers for the GraniteGrok Q & A Series.

  • The Wolfeboro flag flap has caused quite the stir. We’ll review the story and hopefully chat with one of the many supporters of the troops– and the flag– that was instrumental in causing the plaintiff to withdraw his suit, thus saving the taxpayers of that hamlet from having to defend the US flag in court.

  • Doug will put out yet one more call for Manchester Mayor Guinta to step into the Governor’s race and help save NH

  • More education follies. The International Baccalaureate-Palooza continues! Former schoolteacher turned activist Jane Aitken and math-wiz Ann Marie Banfield once again join us in studio for a whirlwind tour of the latest forces seeking to destroy education as we (used to) know it. As we did the last time they were up, we’ll focus on the lovely-sounding International Baccalaureate Program

You’ll cringe when you learn how deeply into local schools UNESCO and the UN have driven. Is this what parents want from their children’s schools? If they only knew! More recommended reading here. Community theme pdf here (note freedom fighter reference). Here in Gilford, when promoting the program, the Superintendent mentions, according to meeting minutes, that large portions of its education philosophy follow Dewey very closely. Find out about Dewey here. Yikes!

We’ll also discuss the story from England about how

"Children should no longer be taught traditional subjects at school because they are "middle-class" creations…"

And, how an "A" grade for students coming from Britain’s government schools is meaningless (probably over here too), forcing top universities to (GASP!) submit incoming students to entrance exams to help weed the truly bright students from their lesser fellow "A" students…

Oh, and we’ll bag on NH’s "Follow the Child" initiative while we’re at it. Yep– more meaningless pap that does everything but EDUCATE!

Remember, all of this is done in the name of REFORM. Who are those "reformers", anyway? They’re the ones setting the new "standards" that dictate all the crap the government schools are dishing out under the guise of education…

Whew! It all starts at 9AM EST Saturday. Tune in if you’re in Central NH at NewsTalk 1490AM WEMJ or live on the ‘Net here… The best radio (in our humble opinions) anywhere…


by Doug