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Redstate on SamSphere and the State of the Internet

I met Erick Erickson (Editor, Chairman) of Redstate at SamSphere. 

Many of us "lesser" bloggers often look up at the "big dogs" of the blogosphere and go "wow".  Yet, as it seems many times in life, most of the "big dogs" are just ordinary folks who just happen to be a tad smarter, a tad luckier, and often, work a heck of a lot harder.  Otherwise, mostly like you and I.

Well, two things.  He was asked to give a discussion on Sunday morning (when many of us should have been in church), so this Baptist turned Presbyterian gave a "sermon" on the status of the Internet from a conservative standpoint.  It was more than I thought it would have been for an "Internet sermon" for a crowd of bloggers.

The best part for me was bringing out the philosophy of of Servant/Leader.  While mentioned late in the discussion, it does portray a role that many of us on the Right, given the perceived dominance of the Left in the blogosphere, should think about – hard.

Anyways, it was a good speech – go read it here