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They are paid with public funds, right?

Snort – Leslie Carbone has a Post that seems to be a tad high on the head-scratching meter here:

Capitol Hill staffers are required to file financial disclosure forms, which contain sensitive information, including home addresses and signatures.


The U.S. House of Representatives has released this information to the public.

Let’s see…public staffers have to obey public laws that their publicly elected officials enacted that put out publicly accessible information.  And the problem is? 

The staffers are ticked that, oh my gosh, a private company is publishing the info!

Leslie’s story has:

Then LegiStorm, which promotes government transparency, published some of the sensitive information–provoking outrage by the staffers.

That’s right: House staffers are whining that LegiStorm has published information made public by the House.

Result: typical (like when I publish government salaries obtained under RTK) – staffers have their knickers all in a knot.

Go read the whole thing.

My take?  If you want to be one of these staffers, this is part of the job.  You knew about it.  You willingly filled out the form.  You knew it was "public knowledge".

If you don’t like that fact, you have the perfect right to not accept public taxpayer money and take another job. 

I’ll have to go look up this Legistorm company…..