Mysterious Folder Conundrum

by Tom August 13, 2012

Suppose you fall in love with someone who is good looking, well groomed, and has lots of potential.  Let’s say you two lovebirds decide to get married.  Giddiness and joy all around…congratulations. One day, you are at the supermarket, casually buying grapes (so you can feed them to your love, like they do in the […]

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Paid Back the Auto-Bailout You Say?

by Steve MacDonald April 9, 2012

Kevin A. Hassett at AEI has an article (also available in the most recent print edition of National Review) in which he addresses the many fictions of the Obama auto-bailout.  You can read it here, but what caught my eye was the nifty graphic that went with it. It suggests what Hassett articulates in his […]

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US House kills TARP

by Steve MacDonald March 11, 2011

I’d be interested to hear the rhetoric from Political consultant and former congressman Paul Hodes who claimed he was against TARP but voted to spend paid back TARP funds on other left-wing stimuli.

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