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Bernie Sander’s Son Plotting Run in NH-CD1

Levi Sanders and Brother from another mother Barry-O
Levi Sanders and ideological brother from another mother Barry-O

Roll Call reports that Levi Sanders is seriously considering a run for Congress in New Hampshire’s first Congressional District.

 I’m definitely considering it. I’m excited, motivated and interested in the race,” Sanders told Vice News Thursday. “I’m just dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s.”

So what are the differences between Bernie and Levi? According to Levi, “the basic difference is that I’m a vegetarian and he’s not.” Levi “plans to run on a super-progressive platform — Medicare for all and free college tuition.”

And it sounds like he’s running as a Democrat, but he doesn’t live in NH-CD1. He lives in NH-CD2. At least one of the six contestants already vying to replace Carol Shea-Porter thinks he should primary Annie Kuster.

Annie is already more progressive than Nancy Pelosi. Imagine watching her run farter left to catch up with Levi in a primary? That would be fun to watch. And good for the Republican challenger.