The Democrat Party’s Declining Electoral Options in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald

Elaine Andres Ahern

NH Democrat disdain for New Hampshire voters is nothing new

During Hillary’s failed presidential campaign the Democrat National Party, of which New Hampshire Democrat Ray Buckley is a Vice Chair, abandoned white working class voters.

Recently, New Hampshire State Party Chairman Ray Buckley labeled rural and unregistered voters as white supremacists.

I presume this means that he can not allow any of his candidates to pursue them. So how is a state party to grow it’s voter base if the citizens you’ve got are either not worth your time, too unsophisticated, or too racist?

If Ray and New Hampshire Democrats want to grow their ‘base’ that leaves them with college students paying out-of-state tuition and motorists with drivers licenses from outside New Hampshire.

You can’t count on out-of-state college enrollments. Those can dip suddenly and are unreliable, which might explain the left’s outrage at Speaker Jaspers report and the interest of the Presidents Election commission.

The story about over 5000 non-residents voting in a state that lost a US Senate seat by less than 1000 votes has gone national. The lefty media and its various organs are short-stroking their that’s not voter fraud narrative from sea to rising sea.

And seriously, how could any sensible person complain about 5000+ individuals who used out of state drivers licenses to vote in a national election never getting a New Hampshire license or registering a car in the state?

That happens all the time.

Maybe they just wanted to vote for Maggie Hassan, and Hillary Clinton, and a Democrat governor, where their vote can “make a difference™” instead of places like Massachusetts where they live, and that vote is just one more Democrat vote on an already huge pile of them?

So, New Hampshire can’t stop letting people from out of state vote for Democrats because if it ever did limit voting to actual residents, the party of Ray Buckley might never taste power in the Granite State again.

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  • Oh those rubes!
    Either to dumb to appreciate our “positions”
    Or smart enough to see right through us – and we can’t let that happen!


    Wow, it’s bad enough we have to endure the rantings of Shea-Pelosi, now another hyphen from the seacoast has decided to add her two cents to the mix/mess/morass coming from the left side of our state.

  • Bruce Currie

    You probably should have held this piece. It doesn’t read so well given the results of yesterday’s election. And the Dems won without college students, too.

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