Henniker ZBA says Screw RSA 21:34a

by Steve MacDonald

The Henniker ZBA has decided that state law does not apply to that particular bit of Henniker known as Forster’s Christmas Tree Farm.

From Steve Forster:

… We lost our argument on RSA 21:34a and Agritourism last night.. We plan to appeal and more than likely, on to a higher court.. The town still does not want to go by a state RSA that they have adopted into the towns zoning regs.

This RSA is one that Concord has come up with to aid farmers generate income from a alternate source, above what the farm’s intent is. Of course it has to conform with what the state has said and not out of character of the farm. It’s one RSA that has come from there that for once, favors the land owner (Farmers) and gives the farmer more control of his land and not the government. The town does not want to relinquish this control. Local (Agenda 21)..

I can go on and on, however, this quick note to you is to thank you for your support and your concerns. Keep up the good work the NHTPC does and I stand behind the Tea Party and the spirit of it 150%. Please don’t give up its fight, build strength into it so as we can get our country back on track, before its to late.. In another e-mail Bennett sent to another local group, he criticized me because I fly a Tea Party Flag as well as an American flag together on the entrance of my farm.

Again thanks and keep up the fight, I will..We have no other choice.

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