Kathy Sullivan Likes Midget Wrestling? [Updated]

by Steve MacDonald

It has come to our attention that the July Fourth Forum Twitter account mentioned below may not belong to Kathy Sullivan or the July Fourth Forum. Ms. Sullivan has denied the twitter account is hers and we take her at her word. So at this point we have no way of knowing whether she actually likes midgets or wrestling, or any combination of either. But we will leave the post up as that is a matter of policy. But it is not at this point–to the best of our knowledge–reflective of Ms. Sullivan’s opinion about Republicans or midgets. Until further notice we will have to resort to past comments about Republicans made by Ms. Sullivan as a gauge of her opinion about them.




Must be a slow day if I’m lurking on left wing twitter pages.  Actually it’s not.  Kathy Sullivan’s ‘July Fourth Forum’ is now following me on twitter so I figured I would pay the page a visit and this was the first thing I saw.

If you follow the video you get to watch some midget wrestling, during which the diminutive wrestler is drop kicked off the edge the ring. It’s actually one midget wrestler getting wrecked by some huge guy.

I guess it’s supposed to be funny.  Kathy seems to think it is.  And not just that, suitable treatment for Republicans. Not exactly civil.

The video and the most popular comments on the video–Kathy’s like minded brethren I suspect–are on the jump.

Caution: F-bomb alert in the comments.




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