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Are Local Community Organizers in NH Having Problems Staying “Organized’?

The far-left has declared today, May 20th, a national day of mourning. For what. #TrumpDeathToll. Yes, the [insert name] Lied, People Died narrative again. And the local Marxists are all in, except they are not. 

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There isn’t a lot of enthusiasm for it here in New Hampshire, not even digitally. You heard, right. A virtual protest arranged by local Marxists (and I don’t mean Groucho) at Rights and Democracy NH only has 15 takers with another 39 thinking about it – just thinking about it. You are all pro-lockdown, digital-distancing, keep the economy shut down to hurt Trump, and can’t be bothered to attend a digital protest? That’s amusing.

You have to be an idiot to fall for their worldview, so maybe they think they’ll get an online virus?

No clue, but that’s not the only organizing principle with which they are having issues. In a rare example of not being a hypocrite, the infamous Zandra Rice Hawkins from out-of-state funded Granite State progress does not believe they (Democrats) should be holding any sort of rally.

You know, like #ReopenNH.

Hawkins is in a tight spot. As a Concord City Councilor, she can’t precisely say giddyap after, very likely advocating any number of restrictions put in place by the Governor with whom she is otherwise committed to disagreeing.

That’s got to be uncomfortable.

All this “agreeing” with Chris Sununu for eight weeks with your only angle for division being to demand a more permanent or longer-term economic gulag, facemasks, or other forms of virus-virtue-signaling? And now this?

You can’t organize for action in public. That digital thing is an epic failure. And oh, brain dead Joe “Tara Who” Biden is your presumptive Nominee. And, while we’re at it, Trump is more popular despite the 24/7/365 media broadsides and an endless stream of fake scandals that either Bush or Obama was at this point in either of their presidencies.

It’s enough to give your basement-dwelling Stalinista Democrat socialists the sads.

I don’t know. Maybe advocating the crushing long term unemployment of GraniteStaters isn’t the “political narrative you’re looking for”?

I’m not your therapists, though you’d do well to take my advice, Hope and prosperity are far more appealing than confinement, misery, and the promise of subsistence living at the hands of experts like yourselves.

Maybe it’s time for you to get a new groove.

If that won’t work, there are plenty of Blue States to which you could migrate. We’d be happy to let them, have you.

Note: It will very amusing if the digital protest numbers swell as a result of this piece. We’d have more reach with the weirdos than they do.