FB Doodlings: So the Governor's staff ain't enthused about what I wrote, eh? - Granite Grok

FB Doodlings: So the Governor’s staff ain’t enthused about what I wrote, eh?

DJ Bettencourt with Chris Christie

So let me spell it out, again: Compact: an agreement or covenant between two or more parties.

And from my post (“Governor Sununu: “No state shall, without the consent of Congress, … enter into any agreement or compact with another state”..“):

That would be from the US Constitution, Article I, Sec 10 (paragraph 3) that he may be ignoring.

No state shall, without the consent of Congress, lay any duty of tonnage, keep troops, or ships of war in time of peace, enter into any agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power, or engage in war, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.

As it is oft said, the Constitution is a LIMITATION on Government and not on Individuals. But there went Gov. Sununu, barreling right over that barrier that says “NO!” in starting to make agreement with ME or VT or the Blue states of NY, NJ, MA, PA, CT, and RI. While I have great regards for the insanely brilliant idea of Federalism as codified by our Founders, sorry, this ain’t part of the vertical or horizontal sense of Federalism. But I digress.

As he always does, Steve put the post up on our Facebook page.  And then, DJ Bettencourt, a senior member of Governor Sununu’s staff, decided that I needed to be “schooled“. But then again, there’s that word “spin“, too; y’all decide which is a better description. So it started like this:

D.J. Bettencourt In the first instance, the Governor isn’t looking to create a “compact.” He’s having conversations with other regional leaders. Secondly, there is a bit of irony here that many folks want the Governor to work toward re-opening the state but are now upset that he’s working with some others to re-open the state.

Heh! The next reply, not mine, ended like this: “Asking for a friend who observes you never finding fault in his excellency”.  Again, is it “schooled” or “spun” being the operative word?

My responses:

GraniteGrok  IF he is making conversations and AGREEMENTS, DJ, that’s the definition of a COMPACT. Even if it is less formal that either of the West or East Coast formal ones, it IS a compact – don’t try splitting hairs with me.

Second, your second clause is a Strawman argument and thus dismissed out of hand..It is up to Sununu to open NH and without regard to other states. This Regionalization will. not. end. well. A lot of people are STILL upset that Republicans outsourced our electrical energy market via RGGI and almost had a second with TCI.

There is an upswelling that you aren’t acknowledging – Sununu is in real danger not winning NOT by Conservatives voting for the opponent but that Sununu isn’t protecting our Freedoms and Liberties. They are getting ANGRY that “health & Security” is starting to sound like “you people are children and don’t what’s best for them. So much for the Live Free or Die outlook.

And of course, in responding to someone else, DJ decided to double down:

D.J. Bettencourt I don’t expect that you will believe me, but all the Governors want to open as quickly as possible in a manner that is safe.

And so….

GraniteGrok:  Hardly – with one exception, Baker in MA, they are all Dems. They aim, via controlling all of their shipping ports and infrastructure, to take away Trump’s economy advantage. NOTHING is free from politics so your supposition is already just plain stupid for not considering that aspect. One that will destroy Sununu as well because what else does he have to run on?

Volinsky / Feltest will flip in an instant on how they will attack him and if those Dem Govs are successful in throttling the economy, you’re toast.

How much longer can the real small biz folks really stay alive for another 3-4 months? THey won’t. So what say you to that, KNOWING that even the FEDS don’t have enough $$$ to float everybody’s float without killing our grandkids futures.

And in fact, the money for small business has already run out, but I interrupt myself.

GraniteGrok  I just finished texting with an owner of a multi-million dollar biz that builds office bldgs and custom stuff. His tenants are refusing to pay him – these are companies and not individuals because of the restriction of not being evicted for 3 months. He can’t last long enough

Sununu will have put him out of business. A biz that was THRIVING. And all he’ll get from Sununu will be “thanks for playing???”

And then DJ went silent. Completely.

GraniteGrok  Ghosting us, DJ? Or just no answers?

Oh, and the Kung Flu numbers, that everyone can see, show that the only real hot DEATH hot spots are in old age homes. Take those away and Sununu is holding his state hostage over 14 people, most of which got it from traveling abroad.

So, DJ, you became the news. Nice yakking with you. Let’s do this again, soon.

Gonna be around at the State House tomorrow? Just hold your arm out your window as you go round and round – I’ll find you…

Or will His Excellency show up out front on the sidewalk? Let us know, willya?