Breaking News: Kamala Harris out of the Democrat Primary - Granite Grok

Breaking News: Kamala Harris out of the Democrat Primary

From high flier to dust bin-er in a couple short months. Former CA AG Harris rose like a trans Icarus and then couldn’t keep her yap shut and not say crazy stuff.  From being a one time Top Three to a “I coulda been a contenda!” loopy.  Even if she doesn’t go too much further, we can thank Tulsi Gabbard for wielding a political shiv like no other the the Progressive pack wanting to be El Jefe because no sane President would be making the claims they’re almost all making right now (possible exception of Joe Donnelly who sounds quite sane compared to the rest of them) if they were to replace Trump. Just examine, with reason and not rah-rah emotion, what their saying they’ll do via Executive Order and it make Trump look like Silent Cal.

Nope, she’s gone and done.  This one was so full of herself she exploded and then melted down.  I’ve been getting all her emails and even after deleting quite a few, it is clear that it would have been a complete disaster if she had been able to grab onto the levers of Power located in the Oval Office (and others I can name but later on for those).

I’m expecting Julian Castro and Mrianne Willamson to be amongst the next as go as Michael Bennet, Joe Sestek, and Steve Bullock just dropped out.  Doubtful that Cory Booker will last too much longer either.