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VETO Day in the NH Legislature – NH Senate’s turn

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(14) Vetoes Sustained: SB10, SB1, SB2, SB18, SB20, SB67, SB68, SB72, SB196, SB205, SB218, SB271, SB275, SB307

(3) Vetoes Overridden: SB74, SB88, SB100, SB148


Just like yesterday, I’m going to try to get all of the veto votes that I can.  Note: I’m on rugrat duty as TMEW is ill and can’t do the regular “WATCH HIM!” duties with the Grandson.  Which means I get to play “school bus” today in drop/off and pickup from nursery school.  Plus, the NH House will be back in session around 1pm today to finish up their stuff as well as deal with any bills coming back from the Senate.

Here’s the link if you wish to watch for yourself.

The Senate seems to be in recess – their livestream is frozen. Once it starts, I’ll follow the same format I did yesterday.

SB10:  Raising the minimum wage (and further distorting the labor marketplace and believing that legislators are also economic geniuses and have the right to pick  businesses’ pockets).  Yea:  14    Nay: 10       Veto is sustained

SB1: implementing a mandatory income tax for Govt run Family Medical Leave and leaves it to unelected bureaucrats to raise the tax anytime they want without it going through our elected representatives (AND SHIRKING THEIR JOBS!).  Yea:  14    Nay: 10       Veto is sustained

SB2: Add yet another training program to the existing 37 WITHOUT metrics to see if it is working.  Yea:  14    Nay: 10       Veto is sustained

SB18: Backdoor attempt at overriding the JANUS vs AFSCME US Supreme Court ruling on union dues payments extracted from public employee paychecks.  Yea:  14    Nay: 10       Veto is sustained

SB20: limiting a teen’s maximum work week hours (as if Govt should be their parents – oh wait, IGNORES parental authority in this).  Yea:  14    Nay: 10       Veto is sustained

SB67: allowing non-State residents to vote in NH elections.  Yea:  14    Nay: 10       Veto is sustained

SB68: Release of statewide voter list mostly to be prohibited.   Yea:  14    Nay: 10       Veto is sustained

SB72: Raising our electrical rates by allowing unelected bureaucrats to set tax credits (allowing our elected representatives to shirk their duties) for renewable energy.  I note that not ONE Republican stood up, even after the Senate President chided them.   Yea:  14    Nay: 10       Veto is sustained

SB74: Shoveling more money to LCHIP (taking land out of commercial reach). After all, it’s only a “coupla cups of coffee” per transaction….  Yea:  17    Nay: 7       Veto is overriden

SB88: relative to registry identification cards under the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes law.

NOTE: Sorry, gotta leave to pick up the Grandson and to the pharmacy (AHgain…).  Will pick this up when I get back.

The Senate overrode the Governor’s veto.

SB100: Employers can’t do a criminal background check before hiring someone (Senate overrode the Governor’s veto).  

SB148: Provide written notice to a prospective public employee candidate to see how much joining a union would cost.  It ALSO would broach said employee’s personal information / privacy automatically to the union. Senate overrode the Governor’s veto.

SB196: The State requires parents be notified by written notice given to students of non-academic surveys or questionaires.   Yea:  13    Nay: 11       Veto is sustained

SB205:  Setting up unelected bureaucrats to set up efficiency standards for the State and reduce the use of fossil fuels in NH. An enlargement of the Administrative State and elected officials shirking their duties.  Yea: 14     Nay:  10      Veto is sustained

SB218: Regulating drones into the NH aeronautics law – once again, having unelected bureaucrats do the work our elected representatives should be doing.    Yea: 14     Nay:  10      Veto is sustained

SB271: “Prevailing Wage” – a sop to unions and let DC set our wages. A mini Davis-Bacon law.    Yea: 14     Nay:  10      Veto is sustained

SB275: by 2039, all NH vehicles will be electric (“zero emissions).  This is ideology – NO car powered is zero emissions.    Yea: 14     Nay:  10      Veto is sustained

SB307:   Streetlights.   Yea: 14     Nay:  10      Veto is sustained