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The Pushback Against Anti-Gun Legislation Continues

Serbu Firearms won't be selling to NYPD
Serbu Firearms won’t be selling to NYPD
First, There’s the growing list of companies which won’t sell to state government or law enforcement, anything that the state’s citizens can’t legally buy.

In that vein, meet Serbu Firearms, maker of bolt-action and semi-automatic .50 caliber sniper rifles, who have stated that they will not be selling their arms to the New York Police Department, apparently due to New York’s unconstitutional SAFE Act. H/T Joe Miller.

Magpul P-Mags will no longer be manufactured in Colorado
Magpul P-Mags will no longer be manufactured in Colorado
Then there’s Magpul, famed manufacturer of P-Mags and much more, who are making good on their promise to leave Colorado if the state’s citizens could not buy their products, AND instituted the “Boulder Airlift“, to ensure Colorado’s citizens are well supplied before the cutoff date.

But wait, there’s more – on Magpul’s website, there’s this little gem from their CEO:

reskin_logo_tag“[After] forming Magpul in 1999, I established [a] priority policy for Military and Law Enforcement, due to the requirements of their profession.

The same policy has been in place for 13 years now and has never been an issue until a few days ago. I do not support the idea that individual police officers should be punished for the actions of their elected officials. That said, I understand the concerns that some have with Law Enforcement officers getting special treatment while at the same time denouncing second amendment rights to another citizen in the same state.
(Editorial comment – did he meet ‘Scared Shurtleff‘?)

With the fight in Colorado right now we do not have time to implement a new program, so I have suspended all LE sales to ban states until we can implement a system wherein any Law Enforcement Officer buying for duty use will have to promise to uphold their oath to the US Constitution – specifically the second and fourteenth amendments – as it applies to all citizens.”

You see, Founder and CEO Richard Fitzpatrick is an ex-Marine, and he takes his oath to the Constitution seriously. Huzzah!

Welcome hunters? Not so much these days!
Welcome hunters?
Not so much these days!
But that’s not all, folks – apparently hunters are cancelling trips to Colorado in droves, further increasing the economic pinch caused by the policies of the loony left. After all, “it’s for the children”, so who cares if the adults are unemployed?

Excerpt from MSN Money of all things:

Do not spend money here, and tell the state why you don’t,” Colorado resident Michael Bane told hunting enthusiasts on the nationally syndicated Gun Talk Radio program. “If you cancel a hunting trip here, send a note to the Colorado Division of Wildlife.”

Bane is an independent producer and host of several programs on cable TV’s Outdoor Channel. He says he’ll no longer film his programs in Colorado after last week’s enactment of new state laws that, among other regulations, ban large-capacity ammunition magazines and expand background checks for gun purchases.

The Outdoor Channel says Bane’s views do not necessarily reflect the network’s. But the blogosphere is full of support for a boycott, and some hunting outfitters say they’re starting to see cancellations as a result.

“There’s a united front of sportsmen that are tired of having their freedoms and liberties and fundamental rights taken away from them,” Chris Jurney, a hunting guide and vice president of the Colorado Outfitters Association, told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “That kind of unity among sportsmen is going to be big and unfortunately for those of us who live here, we’re going to suffer the consequences of this misguided legislation.”

Some gun and hunting shops in Colorado are also concerned. “Small mountain towns and rural towns in this state are going to lose a lot of money, because you’re not going to see the number of out-of-state hunters coming here,” Jeff Lepp, the owner of Specialty Sports in Colorado Springs, told the Gazette. “Other states are going to see a growth.”