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Connolly’s Not In The Clique?

Mark Connolly may not be challenging Paul Hodes for the Democrat nomination for the US Senate after all.  No, I don’t think Obama offered him a job. (They’d probably offer Hodes a job to let someone else run if he wasn’t already a connected insider)  Actually I suspect the State Party put its jackboot on Connolly’s neck because they don’t want Hodes to waste any of that Goldman Sacks money on a primary.  Which, coincidentally is part of the reason Mark claims he wanted to run. 

“There has been way too much money being put into lobbying by the financial industry in Washington,” he said. “Mr. Hodes has taken money from some of these entities, like Goldman Sachs. I think that’s wrong.” 

It is wrong but not just because it’s Goldman Sachs.  Hodes is loaded up with financial industry cash, money from Big insurance, and most of it is from out of state, but the problem is he’s acting like he’s not.  He wants’ you to think he’s some  ethical-political outsider.   But he’s never been that.  He’s just another apple that don’t fall far from the tree.  The NHDP does the exact same thing, crying woe is me to anyone who will listen while hauling in exponentially more special interest cash and using it to influence state and local races all across New Hampshire. 



Connolly also had to concede that it would have been a real challenge to set up an organization at this point.  Hard because you can’t get the NHDP to help you?  Are you not in the Click, as Rep Kris Roberts explained to us?  You see, you have to be a real Blue Ass to get the special treatment in New Hampshire, and if you’re not one of the beautiful people (that’s a figure of speech by the way) you get the jackboot.  Hodes is higher up the liberati food chain and he’s already inside. 

So Mark Connolly probably got the jackboot.  But that’s Ok.  Hodes antics are already popcorn worthy.  And his only claim to being an outsider rests on the statistical difference between himself and Carol Shea Porter, while comfortably nestled under Pelosi’s jackboot in the House.  That’s the difference between 95% and 99% which is a good deal smaller margin than his polling against almost every potential GOP opponent.  So I guess no one else is buying the ethical-political outsider BS either.  And they rightly understand that moving Hodes to the Senate will only change which Jackboot he spends his time under.  That’s is precisely the opposite of what New Hampshire and America Needs.

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