Knock, Knock. “Whose there?” Brian Buonomano. (It’s a Joke.)

by Ed Naile

If you thnk lrtting proplr from out of state Vote in NH if OK youre Gonna have a bad timeHere is the latest in the 20-year effort to deny voter fraud in NH.

Some left-wing activists asked the NH AG’s Office for any investigations that office had done since the November general election.

As usual, the answer from that office is laughable.

They claim 14 cases were investigated with some still pending. The response to the DC activists is below.

NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner kept track of how many out of state voters registered on Election Day November 8, 2016. His records indicate 5,903 people used an out of state driver’s license to vote in NH on that single day.

News flash! If you have a Nebraska driver’s license – you are a citizen of Nebraska. That is the same with any other state. You are not a New Hampshire citizen entitled to vote here until you abandon your previous domicile and adopt NH as your legal domicile. See Newburger v. Peterson, 1972.

Unless the NH AG’s office has investigated the 5,903 out of state voters who took advantage of our lack of prosecution of vote thieves this letter to DC is as big a fraud as letting thousands of non-residents vote here in the first place.

Here is a simple solution for exposing voter fraud.

Over 2,200 Mass residents voted in NH on November 8, 2016, claiming NH domicile. How about we take those names we know Bill Gardner has collected at taxpayer expense, but keeps secret, and have Massachusetts run them against the Massachusetts state income tax list and see who files MA income taxes after voting in NH?

That isn’t so tough, is it? Unless you don’t want to know or don’t want the real voters in NH find out.

Until we clean this up NH Assist. AG Brian Buonomano will just have to keep on lying.

Former NH AG Kelley Ayotte must know this by now.


NH Voter Fraud






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  • mer

    “Former NH AG and Former US Senator Kelly Ayotte”

    • Ed Naile

      Ain’t that sweet.
      A two’fer.
      And she is still down in DC scrounging for a job.
      (She was on the same plane as me going down there back in April.)

      • Kathleen LaBonte

        Ug! Did you show your charm and smile and say hello?

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    THAT IS GOSH DARN UNREAL!! Pray tell me Ed, with a new Attorney General is this matter going to be taken more seriously?

    • Ed Naile

      The new US Attorney is my hope.
      And we need Gardner to simply go away.

      • Kathleen LaBonte

        Can we start a petition to the Governor to have him removed? You have plenty on him to prove he is not trustworthy, and has indeed broken the public’s trust. Seriously – he has to go. To me, now all that I know – he is so creepy.

        PS – when you see me write gosh darn just know at my computer I’m spewing words much different, but trying to refrain from using them.

        • Ed Naile

          Gardner has been appointed to the Trump Voter Fraud Commission.
          That should be telling.
          He sees no voter fraud.

          • Don

            He has stated he believes there is voter fraud he’s apparently just too inept find the mass cabal of scallywags no matter how obvious it is.

          • Ed Naile

            Gardner has stated he saw and spoke to AmeriCorps workers voting in his ward in Manchester several years ago.
            That would be the same AmeriCorps that BUSSED 20 workers to Deerfield to vote at a fake address in 1996 – we caught them in 2000 in the first CNHT voter fraud investigation. The AG and Gardner knew back then – as they do now – we have a problem.
            NH has systematically weakened election laws for years.
            Gardner has been there the whole time.
            My guess – between 5 and 8 thousand non-residents vote in NH in presidential elections.
            Some of Gardner’s publicly released statistics back me up.
            He is the perfect person to be on Presidents Trump’s Commission. He could explain how voter fraud works.

          • Don

            What of his position that non-resident tuition students who maintain out of state driver’s licenses are residents for voting purposes?

          • Ed Naile

            I assume his position is that he must track it – because he did.
            Next, as is the case with other states, the offenders will be removed from our secret statewide database asap so we don’t have more voters than citizens of voting age in NH. We are very close if not over that figure now.
            The question is:
            Why track all the out-of-state voters in the first place if you are going to keep the information secret – or give it only to certain parties.
            People should ask Governor Sununu what he thinks about Gardner collecting all the details of non-resident voters, since they will be coming for him in 2018.

  • Bryan W

    Today’s UL:

    Election integrity?

    To the Editor: I was very concerned to learn that our New Hampshire Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, will be on President Trump’s “electoral integrity” committee. Mr. Trump has maligned our state’s electoral integrity in a completely groundless way, as Secretary Gardner himself has repeatedly stated.

    There is no voter fraud in New Hampshire, and in fact, little elsewhere in the United States. It is simply not a problem. What is a problem is that only 55 percent of eligible voters participated in the last election. Moreover, there are numerous attempts to make voting more difficult for certain populations in our state, especially university students, the elderly, and military people.

    Why would Secretary Gardner agree go along with Trump’s phony initiative to investigate supposed electoral fraud? This electoral commission is nothing less than an attempted distraction from Trump’s political woes in Washington, including his multiple scandals and cover-ups.

    Making matters worse, his plan to investigate non-existent voter fraud in our state will waste resources and result in more legislation that further prevents people from exercising their legal right to vote. I am very disappointed in Secretary Gardner’s willingness to entertain the false hype about voter fraud in New Hampshire, and even worse, to use it to promote legislation that undermines our democracy by suppressing voter participation.



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