Breaking News – Republicans Nominate Bill O’Brien for Speaker of the NH House

by Steve MacDonald

...Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien

…Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien

Bill O’Brien  has been nominated by the Republican majority to be speaker of the NH House.

Congratulations to Bill O’Brien.

The question now?  Does Chandler’s unifying “power” unite them all behind O’Brien?    Do Ayotte, Sununu and company throw support behind the Republican candidate for Speaker of the NH House now that it is not Chandler?

What does it mean if they choose silence over a public endorsement of O’Brien?

 Update:  Maybe a better point to make is this.   Will the party be enthusiastic in its support and defense of Mr. O’Brien as he attempts to advance the Republican agenda.  Will they be proactive, forward thinking, and use their ability to get press to make a case for conservative/Republican principles?

Will they engage the left on the battlefield of ideas or cede that territory–dare I say, again?

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  • unhappygrammy

    Awesome news!

  • Leaven for the Loaf

    I’m pleased – but let’s see who winds up on his leadership team. Still, a good day’s work for now.

  • Radical Moderate


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