CNHT Annual Picnic – The Straw Poll

Off year elections means no Presidential Poll this time (thought I bet there may be next year!) but certainly we get to concentrate on the right and proper thing – home town and State level elections.  Certainly, as you will hear Rich say when I put up the US Senate candidate videos, the NH US Senate race is one of the most watched ones in the country.  We also have the proxy race between the Conservative wing of the Party vs the Establishment wing in the NH Governor Republican Primary.  So, without further ado, the Straw Poll results on video:

  • NH Governor:   Andrew Hemingway   111,   Walt Havenstein   43
  • US Senate:   Bob Smith   76,   Jim Rubens   44,   Scott Brown  34
  • US Congress District 1:   Frank Guinta   74,   Dan Innis   36,   Brendan Kelly  35
  • US Congress District 2:   Marilinda Garcia   81,   Gary Lambert   59,   Jim Lawrence   8

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