If You Like Your Presription Drugs You Can Keep Them

by Steve MacDonald

prescription -Obamacare making drugs more expensive or harder to getObamaCare (RACIST!)  increases the cost of care.  If you happen to be one of the folks with a lower premium ObamaCare will probably crank up your deductible and your annual out of pocket costs,  to $10,000.00 or more per year.

There’s nothing affordable about that.

So we can’t keep our plan if we like it, many will not get to keep their doctors or hospitals-even if they like them, and– it is not affordable.   It is the you can’t keep your plan or doctor unaffordable questionable if you will get care act.  So are you ready for another punch in the face?

ObamaCare, by design, will establish minimum levels of coverage for drugs but…also by design, provides plans whose drug coverage is so anemic that anyone on expensive maintenance medication for chronic illness either wot have their drugs covered or will pay as much as 50% of the cost of those drugs if they want to continue to us them.

“…insurers selling policies on the exchanges have pared their drug benefits significantly more, according to health advocates, patients and industry analysts. The plans are curbing their lists of covered drugs and limiting quantities, requiring prior authorizations and insisting on “fail first” or “step therapy” protocols that compel doctors to prescribe a certain drug first before moving on to another — even if it’s not the physician’s and patient’s drug of choice. . . .”

The democrats have officially F–d up the entire health care system, to a degree we will not even truly realize until the end of next year, when the waiver on the employer mandate expires and health care Armageddon truly arrives.

If it is even a fraction of the disaster we have been subjected to so far it will be bad.  Tens of millions of people will be driven off their current company plans and into the governments health care marketplace–which is to say the ObamaCare monopoly–where they will come to “enjoy” the “benefits” of Democrat Care.  Higher premiums, higher deductibles, less access, changes to prescription access and or increased costs, more paperwork, fines, fees, taxes, regulations, and an incentive to not get insurance or to not seek care at all because ObamaCare has made it too expensive.

So before the boards and committees even get a shot at denying you treatments or procedures you’ll be avoiding care altogether because the Democrats have made it cost prohibitive to seek.

Only Democrats could “improve” health care to a degree that would make it so expensive and cumbersome that people would rather be sick than seek treatment.  And that is exactly what they have done.

And this just in – Top Hospitals excluded from the ObamaCare “network” – you pay the charges.  So ObamaCare creates care only the Rich can afford?

Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin.com adds…

Forget about “top” hospitals. I haven’t yet checked the fine print on the bronze plan, but I’d be willing to bet the section where it lists covered treatment centers includes the words “triage tent in the K-Mart parking lot (closed weekends).”

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  • mer

    High deductibles can often be combated with an HSA, the trick becomes the contributions (max is 6550 for a family in 2014, 1000 age 55 catch up contribution) balanced against the deductibles. If there are employer contributions it becomes easier, otherwise you wind up playing numbers games (contributions are pre-tax so they lower AGI for tax purposes, but then you don’t have that cash in hand, but then you can repay yourself with pre tax dollars for after tax expenses against the deductible). HSAs unlike FSAs can be rolled over year to year (think 401K for medical expenses).

    But of course each situation is different, what works for me may not work for you.

  • Radical Moderate

    So, it’s becoming more and more clear that this entire obamacare implementation has been designed to be an attack on middle class Americans. When I say ‘attack’ I mean attack as in a war because it involves the risk of death or serious bodily harm. These socialists intend on bankrupting middle class Americans or make it too cost prohibitive to receive proper or preventative health care, or making them pass political litmus test before allowing ‘extra’ medical care. Everything that’s been occurring since 2008 has been a direct attack on middle class Americans. From the loss of their 401K’s while bailing out the banks and corporations, to the attack on home owners property rights while expanding government authoritarian agencies, to the theft of civil servant pensions of that Detroit decision has paved the way for, to the deliberate devaluation of the dollar which hurts middle class commuting workers in the suburbs the most.
    All this while those at the lower end of the economic scale will still have free food, subsidized rent, free heat and now free full boat medical care.
    The uber-wealthy may have to adjust by the financial hit by taking one less vacation a year.
    Why are middle class Americans being attacked? Think about the answer.
    Really think about it.

  • Van Mosher

    Obamacare is proving to be the Train Wreck that Republicans said it would. Republicans are the only ones that can be trusted. Obama is a serial and pathological liar he can not be trusted, period. As for Obamacare being a racist word Obama predicted that Republicans would stop using the word because people “will like Obamacare” well who have stopped using the word Obamacare that is liberals and democrats they now use ACA when it isn’t affordable at all. So don’t let the left turn Obamacare into a PC word. Use it over and over again.

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