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by Skip

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Week of 08/16/08
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Hour 1                                        Hour 2

Hour One:

Opening Banter – With the Olympic games under way (and Skip marveling at the prowess of Michael Phelps in the pool), Doug and Skip notice that all is not as it seems as chinks appear in the facade that the Communist Chinese IOC’s opening ceremonies (e.g., underage gymnasts, Internet blockages, journalists taken away, claims of all tickets sold but lots of empty seats, et al).  Also discussed is the Russian invastion of Georgia and implications of that thugocracy on the newly minted democracy and the role of energy / oil in this.

How come the Peaceniks that are so quick to hammer US policies so quiet over this?  (is there a connection?)

Grant Bosse has another repeat performance on MTNP as he continues to be the Energizer Bunny of the NH-2 Congressional Republican candidates (he was at the Chichester Old Home Day).  We talked about his plans to cut wasteful Federal programs (his opponents have come up with $0 of their own suggestions), why federal income taxes make no sense ("customers, shareholder, and employees pay taxes"), and get his take on the Russian gambit (paraphrased: a test – Obama failed, McCain passed – this Russian expansion cannot be allowed to swallow up new democracies).

Jeb Bradley also joins us for an extended segment and we talk about his being at Liberty House (a place for homeless vets), his intention to move POW/MIA status back into use instead of DUSTWIN (Duty Station Unknown).  We continued to also get his take on Putin trying to overthrow Georgia’s democracy (we need to protect them if all possible diplomacy fails), the use of cyberwarfare and the need for the US to have both a credible defense and offensive capability there.  Poland’s threat from Russia was touched upon ("in times like this, Shea-Porter wants to cut funding for missle defense"). Also, he brings up differences between him and John Stephen (including cost-shifting by his HHS onto the local property taxpayers). 

He also agrees to a radio / blog debate on Meet The New Press / GraniteGrok with Carol Shea-Porter if he is successful in winning the Republican Primary on September 9th!  Let’s see if she is willing to agree!

Hour Two: snippets coming soon!

Mike Coutu also returns to MTNP to talk about the year’s Live Free or Die Rally. Music, debate, food, speakers, cannons, and kegs of gunpowder – what more could you ask to see or hear in Jaffrey, NH next weekend? What IS neat is that someone thinks well enough of our state motto "Live Free or Die" and what it really means to produce an entire weekend’s event to celebrate it.

Skip mentioned that Andy Sanborn (R-Henniker), who is running for NH Senate District 7 (web site is is having an unusual fundraiser – RACING CARS at NH Motor Speedway. This coming Thursday afternoon (call the campaign for details). This is the kind of fundraiser that is "out of the box" – now, how do I explain to my boss my absence (er, it’ll be hard to type at 150 mph on the back straight…)

We also talk about the Central NH SWAT team and the family that had an up close and personal encounter with them.

Randall O’Toole ("the Anti-Planner"), also returns to talk about railroads and mass transit systems.  Planners love them, but they turn out to be a huge taxpayer bust – pretty much, they cannot support themselves.  Intentions are nice, but the financial and environmental results are lacking.  Cars and buses turn out to be a better answer. He has papers over at the Cato Institute (he is a Senior Fellow there) as well as the American Dream Coalition on these subjects.


No SchlubCam this week.

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