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NH Dems Sign Gun Control Letter That Quotes Fraudulent Data

Rep-Carol-Shea-Porter - I missed voting with Pelosi 100% by this much
I came this close to having an original thought

Do you remember when the Bloomberg bus came to Concord, with some help from GraniteState Progress and the state Democrat Party?  They read the names of so-called victims of gun violence.  That list was dirty with the names of criminals and terrorists killed by law enforcement.  There were even the names of attackers shot by intended victims in self-defense who acted to save their own lives–a life saved that was meaningless to the progressives happily honoring their attackers.  No one who signed on to support the fraud or read the names asked or cared, they just wanted to attack the Bill of Rights, so the more names the better.

They are at it again.  Democrats in the US House have sent a letter to the Speaker, quoting a fraudulent statistic, and guess whose signature appears at the top of the list?

Carol Shea-Porter.

Yes, Ann McLane Kuster signed it as well.  How could she not seeing as she claims to be from a state with a strong history of support for second amendment rights.  (Notice I did not say ‘representing?’)

The number is 74 school ‘shootings’ a statistic provided to the Democrats and their media by another Bloomberg rights-hate-group.  It includes things like the discharge of firearms near schools, no one killed, or no one injured.

While the phrase School shootings (since Newtown) suggests gun free zones like public schools with little children, ‘Schools’ also includes incidents near or around university gun-free zones,  And the number of deaths listed also includes stabbings.  Shootings, Stabbings, whatever.

This is a consistent trend among anti human-rights hate groups like Everytown, Mom’s Demand Action, and of course the No More Names rubes. It is, in fact, a feature of Democrat talking points for nearly every one of their policy priorities.  Lie up front. Get what you want. Manage the fallout if the truth comes to light, which means misdirection, blaming others, obfuscating, crying conspiracy, sexism, or racism, until the ‘pool’ is either too cloudy to see through or the issue is entrenched enough that it probably cannot be undone.  (If they try to undo it, use misdirection, blaming others, obfuscating, crying conspiracy, sexism, or racism.)

This is not new. This is how Democrats advance their policy priorities. Deception. Intimidation.  Mob rule.

Seeing Carol Shea-Porters name at the top of the latest Democrat deception is nothing short of inspiring, if you are inspired by your congressperson being a mule for the destruction of your rights through the application of lies. Democrats are inspired by these lies and will defend them.

Why people still elect them remains a mystery.


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