GrokTV on Location: Ovide for Governor House Party - Granite Grok

GrokTV on Location: Ovide for Governor House Party

Hollis Friday October 21st: Grokster Mike was privileged to hold a house party for Ovide LaMontagne as he ramps up his campaign for NH Governor. As well as old and new conservative friends from around the greater Nashua area, we had people from as far away as Concord, and he got a great reception as well as donations to help get the campaign moving.

We didn’t really need telling that Ovide was a constitutional conservative, but he laid out his reasons for running, including the governor’s duty to enforce Federalism and to stand up for the rights of our citizens.

Ovide spoke for about ten minutes, and then took questions for about 30 minutes (Q&A after the jump). I’ve been privileged to know Ovide through his Senate campaign, and because of his consistent activism for conservative causes throughout NH, and I personally have no hesitation in endorsing Ovide for Governor – not speaking for the other Groksters yet, but watch this space 🙂

Ovide takes questions from a conservative group in Hollis, NH.