Bubba Might Be Guilty of Sexual Harassment When It’s Politically Convenient

Bill Clinton in NH - No Reports of Sexual HarrasmentThe Judge Roy Moore “situation” has come at a predictable moment in a critical US Senate race, during a spasm of progressive guilt over the sexual abuse they’ve tolerated (see also hidden) in their own ranks.

The public sexual harassment bloodletting has finally made its way down to the likes of William Jefferson Clinton. A man still being honored by New Hampshire Democrats (last night, in fact) despite the sudden 180 on Bubba by some liberal politicians and progressive media.

David Harsanyi, writing at National Review Online, explores a recent admission by a writer at the New York Times that Clinton was a bad boy with Juanita Broderick, who accused him of rape. (The Times author blames conservatives for liberal skepticism.) But Harsanyi reminds that it was NBC News that had the story and sat on it until after Clinton’s impeachment hearings. That both the New York Times and LA Times had the same story in 1992 but dropped it because Clinton was their Golden Boy.

He also reminds us of David Isikoff, the feet dragging on Paula Jones, and later Monica Lewinsky, which only broke because of Matt Drudge. A scandal that the left continues to deny,

When Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told the NYT that Clinton should have stepped down after the scandal broke, former Clinton Advisor Philippe Reines took her hypocrisy to task.

Reines, like many delusional Democrats, blame Lewinsky and Republicans but let’s be clear about a few things. WJC cheated on his wife and violated the sanctity of marriage, as bizarre and twisted as that union may appear. And he wasn’t investigated for a bl*w j*b. He was investigated for perjury. Both he and Hillary were implicated in obstruction of justice. Just two of many charges piled atop a series of scandals too long to mention here.

Ken Starr could have saved taxpayers $70 million if Bill Clinton admitted that he was a cheat and a liar. And, as the hypocritical Gillibrand suggests, now that it is safe to do so, stepped down instead of dragging taxpayers and the media through a process that ended with WJC’s impeachment by the US House and a hefty bill for the services required to get to that point.

But that’s not the only accusation against Bill, a serial philander who (at the very least) has reportedly cheated on his marriage more times than anyone can count. A problem no one on the left seems to care about unless the cheater is a Republican.

And so what if WJC is accused or multiple sexual assaults and rape? In a culture where accusations are proof when it’s “someone else” his reward has been decades of lionization by the left including New Hampshire Democrats who named a dinner after him. A party that used his clout to get his carpet-bagging wife a make-work job in the US Senate and then wasted billions on two failed bids for the Presidency.

How much contraception could America have purchased with those billions, Lena Dunham? How many women could have been counseled after being sexually assaulted by liberals in Hollywood (it’s not rape-Rape Whoopie Goldberg)? We’ll never know exactly, only that the plague of liberal men sexually assaulting women is near epidemic in scope, overshadowed only by the hypocrisy of their projections of punishments they need not suffer on their political opponents.

A plague inspired by WJC, and a wife more interested in power than the damage they might do to women and the rights they claim to champion. Which brings us back to Gillibrand and Roy Moore.

She’s not serious about Bubba. She’s just setting the table for keeping someone who is not going to vote the Democrat line from filling a US Senate seat, either by keeping him from being elected or keeping the Senate from seating him.

So while she is a hypocrite (all Democrats are) she’s not a hypocrite about Clinton’s influence, she’s a hypocrite about predation. She only objects when it can advance the party agenda or tow the party line.

Nothing she says about Clinton today will make any difference politically. She can rant all she wants. But if that admission (couched or not) helps her keep a Republican from adding his voice to a slim GOP majority, well that’s worth it.

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