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‘Credentialed To Destroy’ – Dissecting Common Core

Eubanks-Front Robin Eubanks, as a mother, was alarmed by developments in the Atlanta school systems, and she started investigating the background to the claimed “improvements”.

As an attorney dealing with technical details of businesses, especially healthcare, Robin has an extremely analytical approach, follows the evidence to its source, and always provides references for the reader to check.

As some of us have begun to worry about Common Core, and it being, perhaps, not the gateway to a utopia of higher achievement that we were told, Robin Eubanks was already hot on the trail of the socialist underpinnings of the international movement to drive social evolution by creating a new class of malleable serfs.

As some of us began to worry that one-world government advocates using Agenda 21 were subverting the institutions which are supposed to guarantee our liberties, Robin was ahead of the curve in linking the goals of Agenda 21 with the changes in the education systems.

This book has been a while in the making because the author has been writing in parallel on her excellent blog, “InvisibleSerfsCollar.com“, in an attempt to warn the nation of the perils contained in Common Core. However, do not think that the blog is all you need – Here, Eubanks lays out the whole case for you to judge in one tidy package.   Buy the book!

Here’s the back cover with more info: