Harmless as a “Modest Maiden”

by Doug

In the classic ancient Chinese text of military strategy, The Art of Warfare, Sun-Tzu advises an attacking force:

“Revise your strategy according to the changing posture of the enemy to determine the course and outcome of the battle… At first be like a modest maiden, and the enemy will open his door; Afterward be as swift as a scurrying rabbit, and the enemy will be too late to resist you.”


Over the past weekend, the “New Hampshire Sunday News” printed an article written by Shawne K. Wickham entitled A call to build. The news contained within left me both perplexed and angry. When reading that

“Members of the Greater Manchester Interfaith Council are hoping that area churchgoers will pitch in to help build New Hampshire’s first mosque,”

I nearly fell off my chair. Why would they do such a thing?

Time after time, each occurrence of successful or thwarted terror strikes here in the West have had a common ingredient: a mosque or Islamic “center” with radicalized members being “mentored” by “imams” and other so-called “holy” men. Knowing this, why would we want something like this here in NH? It is no secret that, at such places, dangerous and hate-filled propaganda is often repeated and disseminated by radical speakers and “preachers” during religious “services.” Additionally, we’ve all heard the numerous stories noting that many mosques and shrines have been used throughout the Moslem world as ammo dumps and hideouts for murderous thugs.  

The enemy in the new world war that we find ourselves fighting is based upon the spread of a radical fascist ideology, much like Nazism- only worse. The Germans found their wellspring of support generated from hyper-nationalism and racism, fueled by a charismatic leader. Today’s enemy, the so-called “Islamo- fascists,” have added another extremely potent feature to the totalitarian mix: religious fervor. Now, I am not saying that all Muslims are terrorists, but I can make a case that most terrorists are Muslims.


Until we come up with foolproof methods of detection and eradication of the lethal threat to our country, I think it’s best to take extra-ordinary precautions. Each new mosque built in America represents a potential enemy outpost and launching pad for new attacks. The propaganda dispensed therein enables our enemies to reach into our homeland and create their army- without actually sending anyone here. The result, as most recently demonstrated by the disrupted terror cell in Canada,  is the creation of “homegrown” combatants- making it ever more hard to differentiate friend from foe.   Try to imagine German-Americans looking to create a Hitler Youth Summer camp somewhere in Manchester circa 1943- 44- and asking for Jewish donations to pay for it. Do you think that it would have been possible?


The “New Hampshire Sunday News” piece quotes a local Muslim as hoping that the Interfaith Council’s help in constructing the mosque will “open up the minds of the others that don’t know anything of our religion and that have this idea of relating Muslims to terrorists.” Gee, I wonder where such a silly notion like that came from? How dare they have some “idea” of associating terrorism with Muslims! Don’t they know it’s the “religion of peace?” Why, they’re really no more harmless than a “modest maiden!”


As for the Interfaith Council, they should consider as their next project constructing a Church for Christians and a Synagogue for Jews, with Muslim help, of course, somewhere in the heart of the Islamic world. You know, so that people of THOSE faiths can have a place to worship in over there in THAT part of the world. One suggestion I offer to the Interfaith Council should they pursue my idea is that they make sure to include good, washable tiles in their construction plans in order to make cleanup after the beheadings quick and easy…


Once on enemy territory, Sun Tzu writes that

“the wise commander does his best to feed his army from enemy soil. To consume one measure of the enemy’s provision is equal to twenty of our own; to use up one bale of the enemy’s fodder is equal to twenty of our own.”

In other words, use the enemy’s own money and materiel against him, while saving your own for some future time. An excellent example of this is Islamic terrorists, trained to fly at American flight schools stealing American planes and flying them into American buildings in order to kill Americans.


I sure hope that as a practicing Churchgoer here in NH, none of MY money is making its way to this potentially dangerous project. Given the events on and since September 11th, 2001, I don’t believe we can be too cautious, or too suspicious. To worry about offending certain groups of persons to the detriment of the entire citizenry at large is a risk too great to take. The aforementioned news story further tells us that they (local NH Muslims)

“try to speak out against Islamic extremists within their own communities.”

Really? How can they “try” to speak against something they continually tell us does not exist?

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