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Earlier today, Friday, August 15, 2014, Alan Glassman, Chair of the Belknap County GOP, was found trespassing at the former Alton home of Jane Cormier, candidate for NH Senate District 16. Mr. Glassman, driving a red Ford SUV with license plate 7289, was seen taking photographs surreptitiously of the home (under repair prior to being placed on the market) and the truck belonging to Jane’s husband, Carlos Martinez. Photographs were taken by Mr. Glassman, or the unidentified female passenger in the front seat, from on the property itself. They then drove to the parking lot of a small hardware store located nearby, where they appeared to be examining the photographs just taken. They returned a second time, slowly passing the home to photograph from across the street. They turned around once more to photograph a 3rd time, at which time Mr. Martinez was able to positively identify Glassman. Alton Police confirmed that the license plate did indeed belong to Glassman who told police he was “documenting stolen signs.”

At 1:37 pm, Mr. Glassman sent an email blast stating “Hi All,

It has come to my attention that candidate campaign signs are being damaged, pushed down, and sometimes removed. This is not a new occurrence; in previous primary and general elections, there have been instances of this happening.   Note that some signs are removed by state employees for mowing of state property and are usually able to be retrieved at local DOT locations. As I’m traveling around Belknap County, I’m noting sign locations, in case I receive word from a campaign that their signs are being damaged or removed,  This way, I may be able to assist them in addressing the problem.   Please contact me if you’re having a problem with your campaign signs.  Thanks.”
In a statement, Cormier said “The only sign located remotely near my former residence is on a distant property line. If Mr. Glassman was “documenting” signs, why did he require three separate trips to photograph nothing? I understand that politics is not for the thin-skinned; however, what appears to be the stalking of one of its own strikes me as quite threatening. To put my mind at rest, perhaps Mr. Glassman would be willing to share those photos.”


Here is Skip’s post from earlier this afternoon on the matter.

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