Constitutional Lesson by 'The Forgotten Men': Federalism is the Cure! - Granite Grok

Constitutional Lesson by ‘The Forgotten Men’: Federalism is the Cure!

Continuing our video from Nullify Now! Philadelphia, please meet The “Forgotten Men”, Josh Lyons (left) and Mark Kreslins (right), who are hosts of a weekly radio show in Baltimore, which is basically a live lesson in civics and the constitution. These fine men, along with their Producer, researcher, and occasional co-host, Scott Strzelcyzk, have dedicated their time to re-establishing the basic principles of Federalism – that the states are in charge of the Federal government, and not the other way around.
In this session, titled “Federalism, the Cure”, Mark and Josh explain how our system of government has morphed from a Federal Republic into a national government with subsidiary states, and how a revival of Federalism can undo the damage.
(Please excuse the glitch in the middle – camera change)