The University Diversity Scam

UNH CampusThe University of New Hampshire is always begging for taxpayers to backstop its budget. We can’t promise we’ll keep tuition down, UNH insists, without your help. This from the ‘culture’ that pays $17,570.00 for a cafeteria table.

UNH is also ranked number one for students with loan debt after graduation, mostly because the cheap loan monopoly run by the feds allows UNH to charge more. Adding taxpayer bailouts only exacerbates the problem.

So, what to do? Heather Macdonald has an excellent suggestion.

UNH, much like the California University system she uses in her example below, has a wealthy, well-funded bureaucracy within the university bureaucracy, that serves no productive purpose whatsoever in the real world.  Heather calls it the Diversity Scam.

And UNH has it in spades.

It is a money pit into which millions fall for no purpose other than to make everything else cost more. The government, business, even university operations themselves cost more because of the diversity scam. And it is a self-sustaining scheme that cranks out more diversity ‘experts’ whose only function in life is to divert even more dollars away from meaningful things while driving up the cost of an increasingly useless education.

If UNH wants to lower tuition, they should begin by cutting the diversity fat before they come knocking, tin cup in hand, for any taxpayer handouts.

H/T Kevin Kervick

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