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“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater


This week’s Rino of the Week Report is two days overdue. We have now moved into that area of RINO-dom where we are now looking at “RINO-esque” house votes versus overall house vote performance. Prior RINO-of-the Week selections were pretty clear.  Republicans adhering to the part platform were very easy to distinguish from those who ran as Republicans, yet vote consistently with liberals. Now we are in that area where the constituents must decide if the Rep voted “RINO? of if the Rep is a RINO overall. At any rate, ROTW will continue to decide who the RINO is for the present week and the constituents can decide the rest.

In this next shade of the RINO Report, we now examine some house members whose records may show adherence to the party platform, but go off the reservation on key social and fiscal issues like the budget, parental notification or important gun and self-defense bills. Those Republicans we will now focus on.

Another reason the RINO Report is late because there were three likely choices for selection. And despite the lameness of my excuse, Archery Deer Season is now underway and Pheasant Season opened yesterday so this writer, “had the fever.”  Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. Anywho…

After much thought and careful reflection,  Ten-term Representative Patricia A. Dowling (R-Derry) Rockingham District 5, is this week’s RINO OF THE WEEK.   Representative Dowling garners a score of  64% rating from the NHHRA.

  • Voted against HB 125  a law that would support the right of the Granite State to regulate firearms within its sovereign borders as a state;
  • Voted against HB474 (2/15/11)Which would end Labor Union’s ability to compel non-union workers from paying agency fees as a condition of employment;
  • Voted against CACR 9 affirming that parental rights are a natural right; “Provides that parents have the natural right to control the health, education, and welfare of their children.”
  • Voted against HB133 to override the Governor’s veto of eliminating a state minimum wage. With the Federal minimum wage standard in place, a demonstrated preference for a Bay-state like statist wage mandates.

 Representative Dowling may not be considered to be a rank and file RINO like Ken Gould, David Kidder, Alida Millham or Julie Brown, but she shares collective RINO responsibility with these other serious RINO’s in the above-votes shown.  Which makes Representative Dowling this week’s RINO OF THE WEEK.


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