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Help Save Rebecca Kleefisch!

I’m sure you know the story about the woman verbally abused by a talk radio host?    When lefty Wisconsin radio host John “Sly” Sylvester accused Kleefisch of performing “fellatio on all the talk-show hosts in Milwaukee” and sneered that she had “pulled a train” (a crude phrase for gang sex), feminists remained silent. No?  …

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Where’s Our Cheese?

…have New Hampshire’s low tax, local government, just leave me alone voters decided that a tax and spend, intrusive big government guy like Perry is the new (old) direction they want to pursue?

What Changed For State Workers In Wisconsin?

If we ignore the change in national perception based on weeks of evidence that public union employees (and democrats) are selfish, angry, violent, children what actually changed when the Wisconsin legislature and Governor Walker succeeded in passing changes to collective bargaining?

Union Thuggery -Coming Soon To A State House near You.

I was just thinking back to all the loose talk from the left about ending the gun ban in the New Hampshire State House. How they imagined someone just unloading over testimony supporting same sex marriage–to use one example–kids getting cut down in the cross-fire. And how they fell over themselves trying to scare parents into keeping their children from ever visiting the place because it was now just too dangerous.

Dear New Hampshire Democrat Party…

Given you gentle spleens when it comes to matters of incivility, we on the right would like you to comment on this email, sent by pro union left wing forces, to elected Republican legislators in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Protesters

To the Editor:   Many of the people protesting on Saturday don’t even understand what they are doing.  They talk about “Worker’s Rights” (which I support).  But they have been duped into protesting for public sector  “Union rights”, the right of unions to conspire with politicians against the interests of the American people.      President Franklin …

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