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Voter Fraud and Intimidation

The “Shrill” Kathy And Her Pen

Kathy Sullivan accuses House Republicans of engaging in hypocrisy and partisanship. I painfully read her boring 800-plus words with unfettered amusement given the "Shrill Cathy’s" finger-pointing and demagoguing. She claims the hiring of Greg Moore by Speaker Bill O’Brien is somehow interwoven with the State Republican Party. She characterizes Moore’s hiring as ripe of a …

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Protecting Your Vote

You can probably think of a list of things you need a photo ID for but if you live in New Hampshire voting is not one of them. HB 356 would change that. It will require a valid state issued photo ID to receive a ballot and vote in person.

Liberal Trunk Monkeys

There are plenty of places in this country where democrats manage to find lost ballot boxes filled with statistically improbable numbers of votes for democrats during troubling recounts that continue to produce Republican winners.  Washington State, Illinois, and most recently in Minnesota.  If totals are tight we should expect more of this in Nevada, Illinois …

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OFA – Sanctions Vote Stealing….Because NH Law Allows It.

Note to all Republican’s elected to the the next New Hampshire Legislature.  You need to tighten up voter registration laws. You must get rid of same day registration.  You need to limit voting privileges to actual residents.  There must be a requirement to demonstrate proof of ID and residency to vote.  And you must enforce …

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NH Voter Fraud Alert…

Some NH Voters are being told that they can vote early, via the internet, in an apparent voting fraud effort. the NH AG and SOS sent out a letter of warning to all NH voters.

Voting Rights Testimony

Pajamas Media has the text of Christopher Coats testimony regarding the dismissal of the Black Panther Party voter intimidation case.  It is well worth the time to read all 19 pages.  You can’t help but come away with the impression that white voter intimidation was never a big priority for this division, but that under …

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