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Under Norelli’s Rule

Yesterday Terie Norelli celebrated my Birthday by taking to the pages of the Keene Sentinel to talk about what a great job the New Hampshire democrat party has been doing with the state.  One of the things she’d like you to believe is that they have created (or saved?) a job friendly environment that has …

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Blame Congress

As we consider the economic and political situation some folks are clinging to the ‘Blame Bush’ rhetoric while others are focusing on blaming Obama.  While there is blame aplenty in varying amounts, the one consistent factor they share is the one we have the best opportunity to resove in November. They Both shared a democrat …

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What Was The Point Of This?

If you and your employer “Part ways,” you are entitled to file for unemployment compensation assuming the departure was not the product of gross misconduct.  That means you didn’t do something that forced the employer to fire you.  Sexual misconduct, irrational behavior, negligence, abuse, and theft are all possible examples, many subject to the possibility …

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NH Unemloyment Not So Good?

Beginning in April 2010 the New Hampshire employment picture, the reported percentage at least, started to look a whole lot better. Having reached a high of 7.1% in February 2010, April’s 6.7% was a promising sign, a cool breeze on a hot day. Things continued to look better through May and the preliminary June numbers …

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A.D.D.D (Revisited)

  [[Given the recent noise from progressives about unemployment extensions (not just the payments but the joblessness) I thought I’d revisit a post I wrote back in March, the last time we went through this—because to be honest, it still applies.]]     A.D.D.D   There’s this liberal talking point, it’s spin actually, that anyone …

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Harry Reid’s Innocent Victims

They are making hay and BS sandwiches over at Boo-Hoo Hampshire, this time about the latest unemployment benefits stalemate.   Dean Barker–the Boo Hoo Guru–had begun by waxing on the CBS news coverage on the latest unemployment extension debate when he decided to lament (or perhaps invent) 30 years of GOP policy crushing the little guy, …

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The End Of The Road

Hat in hand, governor Lynch is looking for the feds to bail him out of the accumulated disaster of his administration. On the matter of extending federal unemployment benefits (from this morning’s Union Leader) the governor was emphatic. Failure to do so (to extend federal benefits) will jeopardize the economic progress we’ve been making, Lynch …

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Hodes = Jobs….Not!

Hodes and the democrats did what democrats do. They created or saved government jobs. They inflated a government jobs bubble with debt and deficit spending that makes private sector job creation near impossible to sustain. Near impossible because each government job needs a busload of taxpayers to support it.

It’s That Three Letter Word Again Mr. Biden, J-O-B-S

Year on year there are still 2.2 million people marginally attached to the work force. This is the same number as May of 2009 so zero improvement on that front. Discouraged workers—those who’ve stopped looking because they believe there is no work, actually rose from May of 2009 to May of 2010 by another 291,000.